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IMMORTALIS by G M Sherwin 

Book Blurb

One man’s pursuit of the unknown will unleash an ancient evil.

An Immortal will rise up from the darkness.On the last planet to be colonized by humans, astrophysicist Ash Palmer will set in motion events that will change the history and future for the human race.Still trying to come to terms with a horrific tragedy he sets out to finish his father’s life’s work.There are others who are interested in Palmers work that will stop at nothing, no matter what the cost to prevent an ancient prophecy becoming a reality.In his search, Palmer encounters a stranger who will turn his world upside down with revelations about his own origins and that of one other whose fates are linked.

What he discovers will lead him into darkness and the battle for his very soul will begin… 

Product Details 

  • Publication date: 26 May 2017
  • Publisher: Sherwin Publications
  • Language: English
  • Available : Amazon
  •           (Free with Kindle unlimited)

      Grab your copy now!!! 


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