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I often have so many things to say, an opinion about everything I am told , but when it comes to talking about things close to my heart, then I wait till the cup doth runneth over.

So here it goes, hope what I say touches the right hearts in the right way. This post is not about you, it’s about me and what I feel… anyone with brickbats can please self delete themselves. 

Walking this earth for more than four decades, I have met all sorts of people, the good, the bad and the ugly. The ugly ones need to be exposed but that is a post for another day, laying bare to it would mean that I have to become raw under its vengeance and then, I would need all the good around me, holding me, till I can hold myself.

The bad don’t need a post at all, they are just not worth it…

So what I am left with, is the good, the pure and the generous.. Yes, the ones who have touched my heart and some of them don’t even know, they have done so. The ones I mention are the ones that make my heart smile and I know for some few, I make their hearts smile…

Then how can I not start with you, Jo… It’s you who makes me smile the most on WordPress, what better way to start my day than to read your posts. You are the cure for any or all depressions. Your humour, your ability to laugh at yourself has made me your fangirl for life. You are really my lady Gaga…(for all those who don’t know about momentum of Jo, have you crawled from under a rock hehehe….) but this post is about what I feel, so Jo, here it goes. You make my world a better place, a rocking place with your honesty, with your generosity of spirit, you have such a huge heart that I am lucky that I have a place in it. Jo, you are one of the few who has accepted me as I am and can you believe it , you see me as I really am and not what others see. You saw my heart, pure and gentle, dented out of shape by hurts, you took it with care and filled it with your shine, your love and made it whole again and then gently placed it back, thats what angels do or rather, I think you are my fairy godmother. I have no idea of the labels or your OCD but if that OCD says talk to Shalini, then am I not lucky, that you have one, because that’s where I would like to be, on your list forever. You do have some idea about what I feel for you but sometimes, its nice to be acknowledged in words for all to see… so here you have it, Jo, my heart laid to bare, my love for you, my soul sister….

Then comes the three goddesses , my Orange Blossoms,  my Mary Poppins and Madam R, all of them unique in their own way , there is so much innocence in them that, often, I am left worrying. I want to hold them in my arms and tell the world don’t hurt these girls , they are the ones that make the world a better place…

Blossoms, my darling, with her strengths. and her beliefs, fights for all the wrongs, feels so deeply that some days I want to tell her, child , be careful … world preys on the light. I want to hide her, protect her. She is so idealistic that it is amazing and despairing. She understands my words sometimes without me having to say it and stands by me, nary a doubt. What more can I say, my blossoms, you make my heart blossom, your purity in thoughts make me want to be more than I am…

My supercaliflagisticexpialidocious, my Mary Pop, you pop into my world at times and amaze the boots off me with your logic. Your analytical mind is there for the world to see, your love for math and chemistry is seen in your posts. Can you beat that guys she does math when she sees number plates of vehicles… Your love is there and you are  careful with it, I like that and you are far more intelligent than I can imagine and far sweeter than I can feel . Pop into my life more, Mary, I need a bit of your magic always …

Madam R, oh what can I say about you, you see beauty with your heart and your camera lens. Your flowers are beautiful and your lens make them more. You are probably known by your real name but R is what you prefer, and that is right, you  are regal and you are royal in my mind and your photographs make you more so. The first person on WordPress who offered to show me her city, spending time with me without really knowing me but seeing the good parts of me. I thank you for the generosity of your time, R, much appreciated…

Then comes the shy girl, my delicate darling Jeni G, a writer, you write from her heart. You not only believe in yourself but you believes in me, in my talent…you say you haven’t read many books but yet always read my reviews. You have a special request for me that I should write you a story, the one which is from my heart and for you to read it first… ah darling Jeni, your belief in me is astonishing and you see things in me, that I haven’t seen it in myself. I thank you for that and when I do write one, you get to read it before the world does. Till I do Jeni, here are few words from my heart. Thank you for coming into my life, into my posts seeing the talent in me. That speaks more about you than about me but your words, your belief in me, makes me want to do you proud..oh girl, you are so much more than you know, to me…

Then comes the X factors, the boys

The first one who welcomed me is Jay all the way from New York. You are a fabulous critic, a writer and a fun guy all around. I have total respect for the books you read and the posts you write. I am kinda in awe of you too. I thank you, on this space of mine, for your welcome, for being the first one to like my blog and my post. I am going to be your beta reader whether you like it or not ( just kidding or maybe not…). You are a very funny guy too, you make me laugh, you make me think, you make me want to be a better human being. Thank you for all that… 

The crack indian, Shyamal Rao, the first one who commented on my post, you don’t read novels but yet you are always amazed at the way I read and I think, many a times, you wonder why I read so much. I am proud to say that you have become my personal friend too ( but will you remain in that list , I wonder hehehe) I am your khoonkhar sherni that means the fighting tigress, so apt, so well you know me, you have felt the ferocity of my words recently, hehe. I have so many don’ts that you are often left wondering, what words to use, yet you never give up on me, you like me the way I am. I know you are really trying hard to accept my views. I realise that, Shyamal, its a difficult path to be on but don’t fall off. You are a fun guy and according to your mirror a cute guy too …I have yet to see your pics but I would believe it, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder….

Then there is my favorite photographer, Raj, (sorry Madam R) your photos are just stories without words, you say more than any of us can say or see, with your pics. I wish you would start tutorial posts, on how to click pics for a beginner like me, who feels that it is a good pic when it is not blurred, even when the head is cut off from the selfie, at least the neck can be seen hehehe… Raj, your love for your camera is surpassed by your love for your daughter. Fathers and daughters have a special bond that I see in your posts and it warms the cockles of my heart. Raj, it’s absolutely wonderful what you do and keep on doing that. Add a category soon Photography for Beginners on your site. you are going to have many students when you do, I am one of them… 

There is a shy guy in all this, Nathprasad Dhanawat , I don’t have many interactions with you everyday but whenever I do, it feels great. You are there in the periphery, you don’t say much but sometimes, not saying is saying everything. So Nath, thank you for saying so little and for being you, the shy guy, rather my shy guy…

There are many more who have come in the following days but these are the ones who came and who welcomed me when i first started and stayed with me even when WordPress started playing games of hiding our posts from each other.

Thank you all… I  may say it rarely but when I do, its with all my heart…

This is me telling it as it is …. hope all of you can read between the lines too, to see it as it is…..




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  1. I did not see this post in my reader.. thank you Shalini. Mary Poppins is always there for you, to show you her beautiful city and teach you maths πŸ˜‰ let me open my β˜” and wee, let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height, let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring… β˜‚πŸŽ΅πŸŽΌπŸŽΆ

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  2. I wasn’t expecting this and I’m soo soooo happy to read this. Thank you very much😊😊 Delicate, shy?? I’m so happy to hold a little place in your heartπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ It means a lot.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Thank you so much for your love…. its equally like my mom loves to me…. nd I am too but I don’t express easily as u said me shy… 😊 ..
    Thank you much shalini .. u made my day today.. Speechless πŸ™πŸ™

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What an amazing and fantastic way to start my day. I took a day-trip with some friends yesterday and barely read anything on WordPress. I fell asleep as soon as I got home and tried to catch up this morning. And then this appeared… absolutely beautiful post.

    I am going to check out everyone else you mentioned, as if you find their sites and their style this great, they must be worth following and getting to know a little bit more.

    Thank you for such caring and kind words. I appreciate it so much. I am really glad to be friends, chatting about so many different topics and ideas. I look for you when you’re gone and busy working for a few days without any time to get online. But always glad when you get back. It shows how much wonderful effort and energy you’ve put into this post.

    You are truly a beautifully amazing person, and I’m quite glad we met on WordPress… even if it messes up sometimes and hides our posts until days later. We always end up finding them! You’re in my bookmarks so I am sure to check daily to see if anything new has been posted… at least I know I won’t lose them anymore.

    Have an amazing day. xoxo

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  5. Wow shalini.. That was really something. I am glad i was able to touch your heart in some way or other. This really means alot. Thank you so much Dear. I think i just mentioned one of your “Don’ts” here but then i guess it’s Ok. You won’t mind that for sure.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

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  6. OMG.. you wrote all that about me? … aww thats so sweet of you.. but now I am too nervous to post Shalini… πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for your appreciation and identifying me in the huge followings you have.. I am really humbled..
    Yes, I am passionate about photography, but I am not photographer.. I just want to capture the moments of my life, and luckily I have this WordPress platform which is working good for my style of posting. Yes, I would like to start the basic photography sessions here. Just trying to workout the details. Glad that you are ready to take the front seat πŸ˜€
    BTW I liked the way you did this without nominating people for the awards. Probably you could have linked the names of people you talked about to their profiles, that we anyone reading your post could have checked in if interested.. (you can still do it by editing the post)…
    Thank you once again, for being continuously with me ever since I started blogging.. on all my posts and supporting always.. Cheers to you.. πŸ’™ You have given me a new way to recognize and award people! Great job!

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  7. Deep and true. I can feel it.
    You know, there are just some people you’ll just sit and reflect on and you find yourself filled with this unexplainable joy and your face lit up with smiles . Because with them, there is every reason to be grateful.
    Great post Shalini. I’ve always known you’re amazing.
    God bless the treasures in our lives for they are priceless.

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  8. I’m so so touched by your kind and sweet gesture Shalini. I felt like I’m embraced, I’m valued reading all that you wrote about me.

    “What more can I say, my blossoms, you make my heart blossom, your purity in thoughts make me want to be more than I am…” I certainly couldn’t have asked for anything to brighten up my day like this did. I’m really happy to read this, this is something I would look at everytime I would feel a little low or there would be harsh winds when I’m trying to hold on to my beliefs. Its not just about happiness, this post made me strong, gave me a lot of power. I wish I could run to you and hug you really tight. Virtual hugs sent anyways. πŸ™‚

    I loved what you wrote about everyone. Jeni and poppins and Raj, the three I know, all that you have written seems so apt, straight from the heart. Thank you again. πŸ™‚πŸ’™

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    • Aww, blossoms, don’t worry life is tough for everyone, including myself at this time… But these times will also pass. So allow it to pass, don’t hold on to sadness and stress, and let healing begin from within. At least i am trying that…
      Well jo, raj, Jay jeni, mary pop and U were few who welcomed me here

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  9. I have had a repeated kind of argument lately: a number of people keep on asking, what’s wrong with the world, why is it becoming darker? My side is, of course, that, on the contrary, the world is better than it ever was, we only get to see the shadows, because the shiny ones are mostly hiding their own light – like your light here; so, thank you for not veiling it.

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    • Omg, thank you so much for seeing the light in me.. Not many can. I am beyond words at your level of understanding. I agree with every word of yours. The world exists because there are still many good people still shining. Only a pure heart like you can see the purity of a soul. Thank you so much.

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