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Dreams of the mind

I saw a dream with open eyes

I believed it to be true… 

It was colorful, it was bright

It was everything a dream ought to be

The days and nights melted together 

The sunshine was perfect, the moon luminous

There was happiness and blessed peace

The pain in the heart suddenly stopped

The tears from the eyes never flowed

The past and future melded together

The body and mind welded together 

There were smiles and laughter galore

I looked at my dream, so pure and true

Ordered from the heavens above

Everything was what I wanted so

There was ne’er a doubt nor a glimmer

Never did my soul have a shiver

Everything appeared perfect, everything warm

I didn’t think, I didn’t realise… 

A thing so perfect is never real

The cracks appeared, the surface trembled 

The dream appeared, moving far

I blinked, I ran 

I followed the dream

I cried, I screamed

I pleaded and crawled

I did everything I humanly could

I ran through the forest 

I ran through the plains

I ran through the mountains 

I ran through the beaches

When I ran through the desert 

I realized so

The dream stood still ahead of me 

It looked foreboding and dangerous now

It blocked so I could no longer follow

I looked up at the daunting sun

I looked down at the heated sand

My eyes opened, my memory clicked

I realized where everything stood

I couldn’t believe, my legs couldn’t hold

My heart shattered a million pieces

My head with hundred thoughts

In such a time what I believed 

The dream was nothing but a Mirage 

So untrue and false

Ringing the shades of truth.. 

I loved truly as only a woman can

But was never loved back as I should be

The heart which spoke of true love

Was ne’er real, ne’er true

The trust I had on love thrown back

I was just a slice of time, forgotten forever 

I saw a Mirage with open eyes

And I believed it to be true…. 

            — a true heart is never false

                a false heart, never true



112 thoughts on “Dreams of the mind Leave a comment

    • Thank you so much for such beautiful words. These words come when I get intense feeling, pain happiness sadness etc.. Your emotions have really come through in your emotions… Thank you once again Dominique

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  1. Great poem….excellent choice of words….how do we separate good heart from a bad one from the start…what may be bad for us, can be good for someone else….how do we define that….should we say that what is bad for me is bad and ignore the world….or consider it good…if it helps someone else.

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