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Thank You

I was asked by a friend directly – when are you writing for my blog?  Followed by a – would you like to write for my blog? — Look at the audacity but first and foremost, look at the trust and friendship bestowed upon me. 

I have been asked previously to write for a few bloggers, but somehow I couldn’t find the words either to formulate or to write. 

Circumstances so happened that when Anindya asked, I had a thought in my mind, actually a couple of thoughts so I wrote Colour on my post and A Silent Enemy on his. 

Thank you, Anindya for giving me the honor and the space to write a post on your journal. It’s not about viewership or how many really read and comment. It is about trust, it is about respect, and it is about honoring my wishes. 

His only instructions for the post were — write on any topic you so wish, I will publish it knowing it will be well writtenreading these words, how could I stop myself from writing words on his. 

Anindya understood the depth of my thoughts, the pain which resulted in this creation and the sensitivity needed to handle my written words. He gave me the time and the silence to share my crisis with him, without asking me a single question.  

This post is exclusively to thank Anindya for being a great friend and a terrific fellow blogger

(P.S. thank you, zombie)




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  1. That’s always sweet as you are…..:)….I am humbled once again……it ‘s a beautiful post by you and your words resonate with emotions and feelings, and that is very important in any creation, the most important elements, to be expressed whole heartedly……and I like you for that…:)

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  2. Great write up shalini…you knoe I am already a fan of your writing…so i just love it when i read something written by you…. I wonder when i will read something again…keep it up…write more!!😁😁😄😄

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      • Haha is it so….

        Actually I love interacting with people then reading their posts….Yeah I would read your at least few of your posts for sure….to correct my self…

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      • Then for sure……
        I will read them and comment….Them. Actually I would love to do that….But interacting with different mind gives me different feel…

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      • Yes I have not read it . But now I am at your blog and trying to find out post which is not a book review.
        Give me some time . I am on the job.
        Actually I have clicked on your link to “colour ‘ and trying to figure out it’s book review or your point of view of “colour “?

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