The Lazarus Gene by G M Sherwin 

Book blurb 

Daniel Harper surfaces from a coma that has robbed him of two years of his life, only to find himself thrust into a world threatened by an outbreak that could wipe out all mankind.

Forming an uneasy alliance, Daniel is assisted by James Edmunds, the top genetic research scientist at the privately run research centre that currently holds him prisoner, while trying to discover the secrets to the Resurrection program. 

Can Daniel stop the apocalypse in time??

Product Details 

Publication date : 22nd September 2017

Publisher : Sherwin Publications

Language : English

Available on Amazon; free on kindle unlimited







       Beginning of horror


43 thoughts on “The Lazarus Gene by G M Sherwin 

      1. I have had that too, left me in a terrible depressed situation. He left me when I least expected him to. With all the other problems going on in my life, He just ran away.
        That’s when I came to know that there is no Raj!!
        Only in movies Raj comes all the way from London to India, and there is a happy ever after.

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