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Ode to me

Life begins everyday

A new dawn arises everyday

look at my past, I see my struggles

I  look in my heart, I see a survivor

I see the people who have broken my heart

I see me as I bind the pieces together 

I trust people not to hurt me, they fail blindingly

I struggle to breathe beyond my hurt

I breathe to see beyond my tears

To all who tell me things would happen at a specific time

I tell them I dance to a rhythm divine

People look at the beauty of the face

I wonder why they don’t see the soul within

I know not if I am old or young

I don’t care what age ought to be

I am a human, I am a spirit

I am born with strength and true grit 

I live in the innocence of my smile

I delight in the twinkling of my eyes

I ask none to accept me

But once you do, stand by words said to me

Those who listen, will recognize me

Those who are open, will understand me

Know me with your senses, with your heart

Dance with me on a different beat

Judge me not as others do

See me more than others do

I am human, both good and bad

I can’t change my past, I do not know my future

All I know is the dance of my heart, the voice of my God

All I need is to feel free, laugh loud, be a kid 

Innocence is what I was born with, innocent is all I long to be

My eyes will brighten, my smile will shine

Time will change the tides of life

I have been broken time and again

Yet like the phoenix, I rise in glory

Born of the fire that burns my soul

I am both the protector and the destroyer… 

I will forgive but never forget

To do one is divine, the other foolish

The universe sees and the universe listens  

Those who hurt will be judged forever 

Energy changes but never disappears

Hurts given will travel back 

Life may be unfair but judgments fair

What I know not, I have slowly learnt

I wait through time patient and quiet

Injustice will turn and justice done

What is undone, will be calmly done

Eyes seen can feel me near

Eyes unseen will turn to dust

Nobody can escape, no one can run

I breathe deep, through the fun

I smile, I shine and my heart flutters

My soul though broken, rejoices

I was once lost, will be found again

Eyes of love will live again

Kind of heart will find the truth

Strength of mind will lay the path

Cruelty will lose, kindness win

That’s the law of man’s kin

I am a child, I am a woman

What I say will always happen

A heart so pure, is made to cry

The world unkind will destroy

Hear me clear, hear me well

I say the words born of my will

I am both the angel and devil 

I walk in both worlds good and evil

Time will show, time will fray

False will lose, real will stay

Life begins everyday

A new hope shines through my eyes everyday…. 

                         —karma is a bitch and she will kick ass every time 

                            Where there is durga, there is kali on the other side



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  1. Nicely written…..:)…as my personal experience in all these years of my life goes, the best Karma for all of us is to embrace the path of compassion, kindness, understanding and forgiveness, and be good to even your worst enemies…..:)…..that is the best Karma which comes back with all good and happiness in loads…..:)…..also to understand that everyone is fighting a battle of their own brings further the goodness of compassion, kindness and forgiveness in our hearts, and see everyone in a positive light…..:)…… my limited knowledge and experience, these are little thoughts I think will guide you in the long journey of life ahead….if at all….:)

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    • Thank you but I don’t believe in that. In this world accounts have to be cleared. Nobody escapes it anymore, not even me. You have to choose what works for you and I will choose what works for me. It is an Ode to me, and my ways.
      Thank you for reading

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  2. Great long read once again… Yes, its a no problems 😀
    On the serious thoughts… I think important thing is to be “just be you”. We humans expect things to work as we see and behave with the world around us. But see Shalini, the world is not like that. Everyone thinks from their own perspective, however, hard we try not do it we all do it. In all these years I have come to the conclusion that, only you can make yourself happy, no one else. If you believe and accept it then what you experienced will not have any effect on you. So it doesn’t matter what others think about it.. So “Just be you” is the mantra..Cheers and you have a great Sunday!

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    • Thank you. I am always me.
      Raj there is a simple Funda in life, if you can’t do good to anybody, it’s fine. But if you actively do harm to others, then karma comes into play whether it is me or anyone.
      As I said it is an Ode to me and my ways, each one of us have to do what works for us. We all have our ways of being. We all choose our paths. I chose mine. I don’t tell anyone how to live life anymore. To each his/her own.

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      • Glad to see that you already adapted that simple funda in life! 🙂 Most problems are solved with the simple adjustment of life goals.
        Having said that, one has to be very careful not to hurt another one in the process. Often I have seen people doing it because now they assume that “I don’t have to care”. That’s where what you said about “harming” another person comes in to picture. 🙂
        In essence, we just pursue our happiness… and things get tagged to us in the process.. we can radiate our happiness, right recipients will always reciprocate it.. even if its one way, it’s fine because we donit expect anything back. That’s why I said “radiate” not “share” 🙂

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      • You are right Raj. My happiness is mine, but somebody actively goes about destroying it then it doesn’t work. Karma has to come into the picture. The world has lived without repercussions for far too long. I can’t tell anyone how to live their life, but I can definitely choose who comes into mine.
        I don’t pursue my happiness at the cost of others. I am happy reading a novel too.
        It’s easy to say don’t expect anything, but in real life, we expect our family to be with us. It is natural it is human.
        So that is why the statement doesn’t work, we don’t expect anything. Don’t we expect loyalty from our partners? Don’t we expect our children to love us? Don’t we expect things from our parents?
        It is a natural human emotion, comes invariably in any relationship

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      • Totally I am with you on the first part, yes no has rights to destroy your happiness and you have full rights to tell people what you expect. Now coming back to preaching others, yes it’s easy than said. But this is something I strongly been practicing. If anyone not happy living with me then they have no rights to be in my life. Once confrontation sets in the gap just increase every day. Although “discussion” in good spirits to salvage a relationship might work but both sides have to be ready to undergo an adjustment. But only if both parties see a value in preserving that relationship. Confrontation never solved any relationship issue so far. I have a lot of my friends going through incompatibility issues and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel either.
        Yes, I do expect, things from parents, children and my spouse. But what if that’s not offered? Can I force it? I don’t think so. I can try to persuade the people to come in line with my view, but no way I can compel it. This is what I practice Shalini, you have to meet my wife to verify this 😀 But, I should also say that I have a beautiful supporting family.
        Yes, emotions part of the relationship we live banking on them. But then its matter of two hearts, how they respond and resonate to each other.. Well, just my view. 🙂

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      • That’s great. I am glad you have a supporting and kind family. I am genuinely happy for you. Life is happy when we are surrounded by loved ones.
        This ode to me, was not anything but what I believe. I didn’t ask for advice, I didn’t ask for anything in this. This is the way I live life, the way it works for me.
        Someone asked me to describe myself so I set about writing an Ode to me. That’s it…

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      • That’s great Shalini, its a great write-up .. Liked it.
        Its not an advise, but just my take .. that’s what we are supposed to do here on WP right?
        Cheers to you! 🙂

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      • I am glad you liked it and you have a great view of life. I am impressed with your clarity of thought. Your principles will work out for your life, may not work for mine. Different people different views different experiences. We can always try new views. I listen carefully to whatever you say. What works for me, I take it and apply it.

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      • Totally agreed! 🙂 Everyone is different… Well, that’s the way we are designed. So looking for a perfect match is actually going against nature which is impossible in my opinion. Then, we have to go to mix and match, that’s when a great recipe or a cocktail is born! 😀
        Did I say cocktail, yes its a Funday! 🙂 Have a great evening Shalini. 🙂

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  3. On this beautiful read I will now go to sleep. At my age, I need more and more if I hope to have strength and laughter everyday. As you said, we choose our own path. believe in that too. I choose to be happy and to try to make others happy too. I have a feeling it is the same for you. Speak to you soon Shalini. Take care.

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  4. Hi, Shalini,
    I loved it, and I am not saying this, just for the sake of saying. I mean every word of it, from the bottom of my heart.
    And I can say that this was written with true feelings within. I could relate to it with on so many levels, that I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am touched by this beautiful post of yours.

    “I wonder why they don’t see the soul within”- completely agree with you.
    The way you ended it, with reference to Kali and Durga was another point where I melted.

    Long story short, I loved it and you made my day.

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    • Thank you so much for such an… honor and such beautiful words that you have used to introduce me… I am actually speechless… Can’t think of anything to say except… Thank you


    • Hi Chirasree, that is so sweet of you. I write my personal thoughts very rarely. Thank you so much for understanding my words. And commenting here. Thank you so much. It’s an honour to meet you. Your kind words have uplifted my spirits today

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