A Silent Enemy

Originally posted on Anindya’s blog as my guest post—

You entered my life as a friend

You pretended goodness, when you really were a fiend

You behaved in a manner which was helpful

I grew complacent thinking you wouldn’t be hurtful

I believed in you, trusting your way

I slept peacefully keeping fear at bay

I thought nothing could go wrong

I was right till everything went wrong

Quietly you showed what you really are

There you laid your true colours bare. 

You were the spark that started silently

You were the snake behind, that moved creepily

You attacked when I was unaware 

You entered the protection of my lair

You shattered my peace when your anger flared 

You stole everything of that I cared

You tore into the cloth to reach the skin

You drove into the skin to cause the burn

You responded to nothing till your anger sated

I could do nothing as you repeatedly baited

You destroyed everything in your wake

My dream, my support, you proved to be utterly fake 

I trusted you not to harm me and mine

I thought you would always shine

I prayed to the forces to keep you bound.

You broke free, unleashed your powers found

The path was a wave of destruction forever

The sight embedded in my brain all time, ever

Ashes to ashes was all I saw

Smoky tears was all I felt

Fear at your attitude leapt upon my heart

I became frozen from inside out

You can be sorry, you can do your penance

I still know you can turn menace 

A second is all it takes

For you to claim your preys

You can do everything, but I still know the truth

Trust once gone, is gone forever

I watch you with eyes wary

You proved to be nothing but scary

You harmed the person who is precious to me

You tried to play master when you served me

Oh hark thee and hark thee well

For that, and just for that, I’ll never forgive

I wish, I really wish that you remain in the pits of hell… 

Fire is a good servant but a bad master, so beware and be careful. 

A single moment of inattention can become months of pain. 

Burns are the worst to treat so Protect your loved ones….

82 thoughts on “A Silent Enemy

  1. Shalini, I am speechless. But I wanted to tell you that your words touch me. Always a little anxious to comment as I fear my translation from French to English won’t be accurate. Can I possibly qualify such a sad story as a beautiful piece? Beautifully written it is but immensely sad. Big hug.

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    1. Oh Dominique, that’s so sweet of you. It was a tough time last month. Fire at home, mom’s outfit caught on fire, she got burnt a bit. I was so angry and scared and kind of numb. So these words were written on such a day

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  2. Very heart touching words
    If it had power to understand feelings, then you might have got a 1000 apologies; rather it would not have hurted anyone actually.
    I hope you have recovered from that completely

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  3. These are not words on domestic violence nor is this a place to vent your anger on things happening on your blog. If anyone does not understand this simple fact, please don’t comment.
    This is my blog, my words. I am just expressing my thoughts not crying for attention or screaming at injustice


    1. Nooooo this is not a story of 2 people. It is my ode to fire. There was a fire in the kitchen mom’s sari caught on fire. And she got burnt. Luckily I could out it out and she was saved with minimal burns


      1. If you read the last line, it is written below the pic. Yp this happened 5 weeks ago. Mom is better now… Healing.. Still it was a scary thing to happen


      2. Yeah i read that….that may have been written for different reason….what I felt i commented…..anyway…its a good thing you guys are alright now…. accidents can happen right….it must have been really scary!!

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      3. Haan ji… It’s always wonderful when I hear from you.
        Can I say something from my heart?
        So many people read my post darkness but amongst the guys you are the only one who really understood the depths of my pain and I thank you with my soul for that understanding. All that pain needs is somebody to stand by when it becomes tough… And you were there standing with me, by me on that day when I wrote the post.
        I appreciate and respect you for that


      4. Thank you for such kind and humble words Shalini… You have shared so much about your life, it seems that I know you well..but still there are many areas where I cannot fathom what you must go through…but all I can do is believe in you…and I do that….for I know how it feels to have the support of anyone when it is dark outside and inside.

        Maybe I will understand a little better when I am more matured…I may be blunt sometimes, but I always have a pure heart.

        You make me believe among others that women are truly capable of every feat, they can overcome any situations and any obstacles put in their path….thank you for guiding me and keeping me honest.

        Also, again thank you for these kind words you used for me, I am deeply honored.

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      5. Aww…. I speak nothing but the truth, Sri. I have been asked by friends after this post to get over it… This was said in such a casual and offhand manner that I was shocked. I realised then that people are not who they appear. And you understood. Indian men need a lesson in sensitivity. I wish they would interact more with the world to understand life better. It is really sad


      6. Haha….chithi na koi sandesh😂

        Here a sample of next poem – guide me if you will please🙏

        A special morning wakes you,
        Sleep is flawless and you smile

        Smile that brightens the room,
        I see an angel on my side

        When I look at that calm face,
        Happiness can only come to mind

        Love and peace all around,
        Blowing your hairs to wake you up

        Looking at me with your starry eyes,
        You made my mornings from dull to bright

        My life, love all is yours to spend
        And you are all mine

        I wish to see you by my side,
        Until the day I close my eyes

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      7. Then don’t repeat smile, don’t repeat eyes and put a bit more emotion. Make us also realise your love for her.
        But the poem works in its prest state too


      8. Omg omg no no no.. I was not sarcastic. I was learning. I didn’t know drafts bhi hota hai… So that’s why I asked..
        Hey bhagwan, no sarcasm warcasm. Just honest question..


      9. Wow… That’s really great… I am in total awe of you… I can’t write when I sit down to. I have only one in my draft but I will get to it sometime this month


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