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What a beautiful way to highlight the beginning of a journey. The life of an author and his book starts with publishing and moves on to publicizing so that readers all over the world get to know both the author and his life’s hard work…

Thank you, Shannon for this opportunity to learn more about publicizing. She is brilliant in her work and all of you have no idea how many mails I sent her to learn how to do this post. I have to admit here, she was extremely patient and very loving to a newbie like me…

So I present to you with much ado a brand new author, Shaun

And who better to introduce his book than his characters – so here they go… 


The gentle click of a lock sent a chill through her like a distant gunshot. The Melody Lounge was an apocalyptic waiting room. Everyone in there was going to die.

A young woman was dead and this would be the end of it. A few hours after falling overboard, paperwork would be drawn up and signed and they’d carry on like she’d never been aboard. He knew he was right.

But so were they. The show had to go on, it was what the passengers paid for.


She kept moving, worried that if she stopped she would back out of what she was about to do.

It would cause so much trouble, but she couldn’t carry on like this. The shame was like a parasite. She had to escape. If Miss Geneva could help her, she had to try, but nothing ever comes without a price.


For hours, she rocked him in the creaking darkness, singing the songs he loved. Usually she’d thrown him in the air too. He loved that. He would squeal with delight every time. She couldn’t do that now.

“Did you kill Chantal?” she asked quietly. He looked like he might cry. He reminded Sarah of her father. It was repulsive.

By tomorrow, she would be incapacitated anyway, and would be unable to control her body. She’d end up like so many of her patients, whose shame she’d had to ignore as she or one of the crew helped them clean themselves.

It was absurd, but this was what scared her most. Not death.

Wow, a brilliant introduction to the characters! I read this and I wanted to dive into this book to know who these people are and what really happened!!

White Water, Black Death

Author: Shaun Ebelthite

Publication Date: September 2017

Genre: Thriller/ Suspense

“A cruise ship is the perfect target for a biological attack”. These are the chilling words emailed to the Seaborne Symphony in the mid-Atlantic.

Magazine editor Geneva Jones has been sent on the trans-Atlantic cruise to help secure a major advertising agreement from the CEO of the cruise line Rachel Atkinson, but her efforts to win her over are curtailed by a mysterious crew death. Geneva suspects foul play. Rachel insists its suicide. A former investigative journalist, Geneva can’t resist digging deeper, but what she finds is far more devastating. There’s an Ebola outbreak on the ship, everyone is trapped aboard and Rachel is trying to keep it secret.

Geneva knows enough about Ebola to be terrified, but she’s also onto the biggest story of her career. As panic surges through the ship, she becomes fixated on a single question. How was the virus brought aboard? The answer is worse than she could have imagined, and the greatest exposé she’ll ever get, if she can only prove it.

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Author bio Shaun Ebelthite

About the Author

Shaun Ebelthite was born in Namibia, raised in South Africa and educated in Dubai in the Middle East where he is a maritime and cruise journalist. He has been covering all aspects of ocean transport for more than five years and runs the Middle East’s foremost online cruise magazine. He has had two children’s books published, and is now branching out into a new genre with his first thriller.

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