Losing Leah by Sue Welfare 

My review

The storyline was great; Chris and Leah stopped to have a cup of coffee on their way to their country home. When Chris returned with coffee, Leah seemed to have disappeared. The police were called, and the investigation started which went deeper, till unexpected secrets were revealed…. 

I love stories like this where there is a disappearance, and I keep on guessing along with the police.  sometimes I win, sometimes the author wins. This is my first book by the author Sue Welfare, and it is a brilliantly fast read. 

There was an air of suspense surrounding all the characters, and nothing seemed to be true. There were hidden layers underneath the air of innocuousness all the characters displayed. Sue has done a great job in writing such an innocently deceptive atmosphere where not so innocent characters resided. 

The police investigation written by Sue, was quite different. They were slow but very thorough; I liked the fact that nobody gave up till the very end, up to the last page. 

There are a few things which could have been better, more twists in the story, a tightly crafted suspense. I didn’t like the fact, that I could guess most of the story. The lead investigative officers Mel Daley and Harry Baker, were not very captivating or notable

The story might appear to have a known plot line, but the treatment given was certainly novel. The author goes into the details of the mystery and suspense without being too gruesome or macabre. 

In guessing the story, some parts I won and some parts the author did. In spite of realising how the story would end, it did not detract me from enjoying the book. 

My rating : 3.5 stars 

About the Author 

Sue is a prolific, award-winning author. She has published around 30 novels under various pen names including Gemma Fox and Kate Lawson. 

Book blurb 

On a cold, dark February morning, Chris and Leah Hills stop for coffee at an isolated service station a stone’s throw from the Welsh Borders. While Leah heads inside, Chris locks the car and goes in to order their drinks. Minutes pass. Chris waits and waits, but Leah doesn’t come back. When Sergeant Mel Daley and her boss, Detective Inspector Harry Baker, arrive to begin a search for the missing woman, their investigation calls everything into question. Is she alive? Did she leave the service station with someone else? Did Leah ever even leave Norfolk? While her husband becomes more frantic, the pair begin to unravel a tangle of dark secrets from the past.

Product Details 

Publication date : 3rd December 2017 

Publisher : Mirror Books

Language : English

Available on Amazon

  Great entertaining thriller 

17 thoughts on “Losing Leah by Sue Welfare 

      1. Ok…everything alright at home then, being quiet is good, we seek so much in this life from others, we often don’t take time to live for ourself….its necessary to be silent and do that…💪

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      2. Haha thanks… But I wrote something…
        Because of your comment, I took time out to think why I don’t write from the heart.
        It is because, Sri, I have to lower the walls and start feeling. I don’t like to do that. That’s why I don’t write… Anyways I did write something.. You always seem to play a part in some way or the other.
        Thank you for that


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