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Ode to a friend 

I am no writer, neither am I poet

I write when emotions force me to note

Let me tell you about someone I met here

As I was starting my oh so new blog in fear… 

Knowing nothing about blogs, likes or even follows

I was completely lost in the shallows

I met him on one of the pages so

He came to me like a savior, oh… 

He seemed like a writer, serious 

I couldn’t help but be, very curious 

And seeing his posts, I was so so right. 

He wrote on topics galore, some in his own might… 

I approached him quietly, on tippy toes

He smiled and put me at ease, so

A newbie and a pro seemed a combination strange

But he kept me always in his sights’ range..

He has thousands of followers in his galaxy known

I was just a tiny one, lost unknown 

I persisted, mainly after I saw his pic

My heart still gets a very big kick

Oh, he is as yummy as he is sweet, 

He is kinda precise and pretty neat… 

But I digress from the story afar

He helped me on many topics so far

He taught me how the awards worked

He even gave me one which I shirked… 

Over the months, friends we’ve been

Yet, we have never in real seen

He stands by me, when I specifically ask of him

He is there, especially when I ask naught of him… 

He doesn’t know what he means to me 

Maybe minute inkling, often he may see

He has friends here and everywhere 

I may be one amongst all of them there… 

It matters not what he feels for me

I care about what I feel for him

I wish him well, I wish him success 

I wish him love, health and  happiness… 

I know nothing what my future would bear

All I am certain are his books published every year

He is an author, far far will he climb

His words, his emotions are so very sublime… 

He manages his writing, publishing and blogging

I am amazed at his level of multi tasking

Most of the times, he seems shy and in his shell

But when he talks, he speaks so very well… 

His answers are brief or he wears a brief

For this confusion, I give him plenty of grief

He knows he is my crush, oh so well

I am his biggest fan girl, only he can tell… 

Everyone who reads this, may have guessed

Those who know him, feel so blessed 

His debut is the one that really did matter

The best of 2017 was Watching Glass Shatter

                  — Ode to my friend James J Cudney IV; an author exemplaire and a friend extraordinaire…  

Jay, my blogging world started with you and as the year ends, I wanted to end 2017 with you. You are the only one who has been there through my heartbreaks and the bad times. Your virtual hugs and good vibes, made life easier to live. My gratitude, my friendship, my loyalty, and my wishes for you are all written in the above words. I hope you like them. 

From my mouth to God’s ear

I hope we are friends forever….



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  1. You will have two responses to this amazing ode: (1) initial reaction and (2) after a few hours/days to truly reflect. You are wonderful — I am beyond grateful this morning for what you’ve written.
    Shalini… you managed to weave so many of the components of our friendship into this post, including humor and inspiration, truth and hidden meaning. My eyes are blurry at this very moment from reading your words, unable to contain all the drops that formed. You’ve moved me to tears this morning… you are a treasure, and I am not going anywhere you won’t be able to keep me as your friend. That’s a promise and a deal. But I will stop responding now with this initial reaction and share more this weekend when I can absorb everything you’ve done in this ode. I need to re-read many times before I feel capable of a proper response. xoxo

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    • Jay, I am crying too… Some connections are made by the universe. Don’t cry, if you cry, I will cry more.
      I want you to be happy always. I never forget people who are there for me. You have always been there.
      Tears are making my eyes blurry.
      Jay, I couldn’t do anything for your blog tour, because I thought I was not up to your mark but I had promised you, I will do something for you. This came from my heart… 💗 from mine to yours

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  2. Hi dear Shalini, if you are interested I would like to send you a copy of my book “Climbing Over Grit”. It is a true story a memoir of a sad and heartbreaking life of my mother.


  3. Hello again!

    I re-read your ode a few times this weekend, and as I head out to visit my family for the Christmas holiday, I wanted to tell you how wonderful this surprise was to me. Knowing there are such beautiful and kind people out there like you, willing to take a chance on a new author, and share their bond and friendship through words, is astonishing.

    You’ve done something remarkable here, and I am always going to remember how you made me feel with this special post. Much love…



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    • Jay, now I am speechless.. Thank you for this wonderful comment. I think you and I have a special connection. And I took a chance with my trust on you as a friend, and then as an author. I already knew from your blogs, that you are a good author. But your support with me, your trust on me and you standing up for me, is limitless. I have always said you are a wonderful human being. The world is enriched because of people like you. And I think I am lucky that I found you. Debriefed would be better, more fun for the fan girl😍😍

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    • Congratulations and thank you. Fingers crossed I do this tag soon. Actually I am crossing my own fingers and toes. I am bad at doing award. Hey this is my first tag I think. You gave me my first award and I haven’t done that. Hehe


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