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Saying goodbye to someone on a daily basis is knowing we are going to meet them soon

Saying goodbye to someone travelling afar is difficult, but there is always hope of meeting someday

Saying goodbye to someone traveling to another realm is heartbreaking, as there is no hope but just a wish to meet

Knowing that my best friend is going through the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one, how do I even capture my feelings into words…

How do I make the tears stop falling knowing that I am helpless

How I stop this heart feeling this wretched knowing I can’t take away the pain

How do I assure my friend that it will be okay someday

I know the truth, we all, who have loved and lost someone, know that the pain always remains, just the intensity decreases.

I can only be there for my friend, hoping and praying that I can be a support at the moment of need

I can only say I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on

I can only give my strength and love, hoping that helps

I can just be here, standing strong, hoping that is enough…

Life is tough, but saying goodbye forever is the worst…

68 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Having a friend who stands by ready to support, to make their shoulder available to cry on or a hand to help them up, is a true friend. Your friend, who is in pain, is lucky to have you there to be that true friend.

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      1. You can actually. Click to the WordPress logo, you will come to the part where you can see categories like blog posts, media, pages, comments. Click the comments category and you will various sub categories like all, approved, pending, binned and spam. Click the spam and voila

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  2. True. It is one, if not the hardest, of the very few awfully wrecking experiences every person shall go through in life.
    It will test all the resolve that someone has in himself and about life.
    Deep and loving post, Shalini.

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