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Little Maryam by Hamid Baig #bookreview @HamidBaigz

My review

I felt magic in the air, when the words of this book wrote a song of emotions and played the sweet melody of love, which traversed the pages and touched my heart in waves.

There is wonderment, there is awe, there are smiles, there are tears. Every drop of feeling brought an ocean of beauty in the world which encompassed the two lovers, the soul mates, Saadiq and Maryam. A poignant and heart rendering love story spanning nearly four decades of life.

The book Little Maryam by the author Hamid Baig has it all: romance, love, happiness, laughter, tears of joy and sorrow, the secret dates, injustice, betrayal, the years of separation, all enveloped in the depth of emotions.

Hamid dips his pen into his heart and writes with sentiments which abound in every nook and cranny of the book, they complete the sentences where the words stop. They whisper the notes softly and gently, each note speaking the secret language which resonates deep in the soul. His notes with their soulful melody find their mate in the emotions arising in the heart….

Hamid Baig, in his debut novel, has exceeded my expectations. I felt a keen eagerness when I read his work, his love story between Saadiq and Maryam. Hamid has the foresight to know how to keep the reader gripped into the story. Every sentence coasts through the waves of emotions. The author shows such skills in writing that it surpasses even the most seasoned of authors. A well rounded book dealing with human emotions on the backdrop of love.

Every love story needs a strong male protagonist, who is lovable yet flawed, a beautiful female character who is beautiful yet innocent, and Saadiq and Mariyam are quite an ideal couple.

Saadiq goes through all the trials of life and like a phoenix, rises from the ashes of a foregone love, betrayed by the judicial system, lost at the hands of the loved ones to touch the skies. The skies which no man had quite touched, good enough to receive the Nobel Prize… Yet the loneliness and the memories of a lost love makes a solitary life. Then he gets reunited with his childhood love, his soul mate Maryam and life takes a twist.

Maryam goes through life loving Saadiq, yet doing what her father wants, leaving Saadiq, going into an arranged marriage and having a family. Till a twisted, sudden accident joins the lovers, brings them to the point where their life moves forward yet seems to be moving backwards towards their childhood love. Will the lovers find their destiny together???

I adored the way the author has etched, both his main characters, with love. It felt like one heart divided, beating in two humans, yet searching for each other to become whole. Without being mushy, Hamid has brought love to the forefront with the power of a storm, a force to be reckoned with, it is sometimes tempestuous and sometimes soothing, but in both its phases, it is all-binding.

The suspense in the last few chapters brought out the goosebumps and raised my heartbeats to a fevered pitch to know what happened to Saadiq and Maryam. How does this love story end??

Hamid has this great talent to make his characters and scenes come alive via his words. He, not only took me on a journey with his main characters, but he also made me feel their emotions, a mark of a good author. He made me feel joy, love, pain, happiness, and he made me cry at the sheer power of love…

The moment when happiness soars into the skies is enthralling, exhilarating, knowing that my heart belongs to these words… Each and every one of them

A debut author, writing with such precision, such sensitivity, is a rare thing. I am glad that I am fortunate enough to read this beautiful saga of a love story, where the characters show what true love is all about. Hamid’s words transcend all cultures, all nationalities, all religions because he speaks the unique and truthful language of love…

Yes, it is a love story and it is an everlasting love story that spans decades without a nary doubt, holding strong, sometimes separating, but always coming back with an unbound strength that has its roots deep into the hearts.

Two bodies, one heart, one soul. The heart which was his soon belonged to her, the heart which loved her with a limitless depth, protected her in its safe cocoon. The heart which was beating for him, soon started beating for her.

Who wouldn’t want to experience such a love in reality and in books!! There may have been few niggles, but the tears in my eyes obscured them…

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

Check out the interview in my next post to know more about him!!

Product Details

Publication date : 29th January 2018

Publisher : Self

Language : English

Available on Amazon

A poignant love story


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