Coach Lorraine V Cuff’s personal campaign

I take great pleasure in being part of Coach Lorraine’s campaign that she has started to kick-start her life goals.

The goals of the campaign in the author’s own words….

Define Your Greatness Program

I am standing here in front of you today because I strongly believe that that you can be great. Yes you. But before anyone can help you do we will have to define what Greatness is to you.

I want to work with you to Define Your Greatness and I guarantee if you allow me to work with you and follow the steps that we discuss that you will not only define your greatness but you will also attain it.

If you have ever heard of Toastmasters International , if you have any connection to someone in the military, if you are a child of immigrants, or an immigrant yourself Defining Your Greatness, A Toastmasters Prospective will appeal to you. It is a copulation of projects in my first competent communication Manual starting with my “ ice breaker” to my “ inspire the audience” speech that detail simple yet practical ways to attain your own personal Greatness.

I invite you to support my campaign not only to share my story but ultimately encourage you and others to document your life’s stories and inspire acts of greatness.

No matter where you are in life there is evidence that opportunities are presented on a daily basis to allow us to achieve more. Within these pages I have shared with you my own personal journey from Birmingham England to Kingston, Jamaica to New York City, along with examples of other individuals who have gone beyond the boundaries that others have viewed as obstacles to achieve more.

I look forward to the possibility of meeting you at my exclusive book launch on the dynamic and culturally rich island of Jamaica, with it’s white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Come and join me in paying homage to my home away from home, as detailed in the pages of the book whilst giving audience to each other’s moments of greatness.

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