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The Pact by S. E. Lynes

My review

A story on the backdrop of dangers of social media, with 3 women taking centre stage, is what beckoned me to this book.

The mother, Toni, overprotective about her daughter, Rosie, lives with the cool aunt Bridget. Toni and Bridget have their own secretive past, which they can never talk about. Rosie is growing up and at 15, tests the limits of her independence. Till social media shows its dangerous side…

My first book by the author S. E. Lynes, though her third, it was an entertaining read but lesser than what I had expected. The story is narrated from the three women’s point of view, looking back into the past for most times. It does switch between past and present till about 70% of the book, then it is all in the present and the thrilling moments begin…

For me, I wanted to love the characters, but I couldn’t connect with any. There were too many disjointed thoughts of each. I loved that this book dealt with the dangers of social media where we like, follow, and become close to strangers (Read: ‘extra-close’ to unknown men)

The author has presented those dangers in the background of fiction, but it serves as a warning to the kids and teenagers and even to the adults, how the trap is laid ever so slowly and the victims are drawn. The story has its twists and turns, and there are moments when adrenaline does thrum through, but no sudden rush with heart pumping and palms sweating.

There were a few niggles, the book did not deliver what was promised on the blurb. The secrets of the sisters had very little bearing to the present story. I found it pretty slow, it didn’t keep me hooked on, the book went at a slower pace. And I saw the end coming, as there were a lot of hints throughout the story. I didn’t feel it worked as a psychological thriller as it didn’t get into my mind.

Read it (took me 4 days), enjoyed it (had its twisty moments), forgot it (could have been so much better). Onto the next!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

After graduating from Leeds University, S E Lynes lived in London before moving to Aberdeen where she worked as a producer at the BBC before moving with her husband, Paul, and two young children to Rome. She now combines writing with lecturing at Richmond Adult Community College and bringing up her three children. She lives in Teddington.

Her debut novel, VALENTINA, was published by Blackbird July 1st 2016. VALENTINA is a psychological thriller set in Aberdeenshire. MOTHER was published by Bookouture in November 2017 and her third novel, THE PACT would be out on 27th February 2018.

Book blurb

You made a promise to your sister. It could destroy your daughter.

15-year-old Rosie lies in hospital fighting for her life. She’s trying to tell her mother what happened to her, and how she got there, but she can’t speak the words out loud. Rosie’s mother Toni has a secret. She had a traumatic childhood, and she and her sister Bridget made each other a promise thirty years ago: that they could never speak the truth about what they went through as children.

Having lost her husband in a tragic accident, Toni has dedicated her life to keeping Rosie safe from harm. But Rosie has plans that her mother doesn’t know about. She has dreams and ambitions – of love, of a career, of a life beyond the sheltered existence that her mother has created for her. But the secrets Rosie has been keeping have now put her life in danger.

In order to save Rosie, Toni may have to break her lifelong promise to her sister… and open doors to her past she hoped would remain closed forever.

Product Details

Publication date : 27th February, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

Language : English

Available on Amazon

Social media based thriller

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  1. KC I’m with you I missed something did it happen in the car accident that killed her husband or did have something to do with Uncle Eric

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought uncle Eric, but that secret didn’t have much to do with the present story. Just made the mother paranoid.
      So I read it and stopped analysing it


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