Somebody’s Daughter by Rochelle B. Weinstein

My review

Internet – a technology which joins the world together, today has a devil sitting on the shoulder tempting all if us — the social media. And people forget that once on the net, always on the net. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube all help if used judiciously, but with one mistake it can destroy lives.

This is brought home by Rochelle B. Weinstein in this book, where a seemingly perfect family, owning and living in their hotel The Ross, suddenly find themselves looking at the darker side of technology. Emma and Bobby Ross, the parents and their twin daughters, Zoe and Lilly, live a blissful life till the night of the twins’ 15th birthday, where an act of indiscretion by one of the twins at a previous party, goes viral first in the school and then in the world.

This book deals with the repercussions of such an act, and how the Ross family deals with it. This book is an eye-opener, for sure. This book is every parent’s nightmare and Rochelle describes the way the family is thrown into the abyss with no lifeline and how they manage to find their strength to come out of it. The author has shown beautifully that every day is an act of survival as the after-effects never stop. She has described the twins’ feelings with a reality brush as one goes through the humiliation and takes the brunt of the comments of an unforgiving teenage world and the other supports her sister beautifully. The twins’ growing maturity also added a facet to this story, which was refreshing to see. The outcome of such a scandal can either cause another act of desperation or cause the inner strength to come through. And I was happy to see the twins coming out of it stronger with an understanding of the realities of life.

Life of a teenager is so difficult with peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, experimentation with sex, that it becomes difficult to find a balance and to find one’s self-esteem and self-respect. Rochelle has shown a teenage mind in this book, how they feel, how they act, and this was a revelation to me. This book has made me cautious about the social media.

I didn’t like the parents Emma and Bobby Ross, or their parenting ways. But to each their own. There is a parallelism drawn in the story between the twin’s life and the mother Emma’s past, which helps her in advising her child and facing her own mistakes.

But this book is not about parenting. It is about how one act can destroy lives and how difficult it is to come out of the scandal, because the world does not allow you to forget, even if you want to.

This book is for parents of teenagers, read it and then give it to your teenage kids, so that they realize the significance of social media, and going viral may not always be a good thing.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Lake Union Publishing, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author
Rochelle B. Weinstein is the USA Today bestselling author of Where We Fall, The Mourning After, and What We Leave Behind. Weinstein lives in South Florida with her husband and twin sons. She is currently writing her fifth novel, a love story based in the Florida Keys.

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Emma and Bobby Ross enjoy a charmed life on the shores of Miami Beach. They are a model family with a successful business, an uncomplicated marriage, and two blessedly typical twin daughters, Zoe and Lily. They are established members of a tight-knit community.

Then, on the night of the girls’ fifteenth birthday party, they learn of Zoe’s heartbreaking mistake—a private and humiliating indiscretion that goes viral and thrusts her and her family into the center of a shocking public scandal.

As the family’s core is shattered by disgrace, judgment, and retribution, the fallout takes its toll. But for Emma, the shame runs deeper. Her daughter’s reckless behavior has stirred memories of her own secrets that could break a marriage and family forever.

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Publication date : 17th April 2018

Publisher : Lake Union Publishing

Language : English

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A devil on the shoulder – the social media – a must read for teenagers and parents

24 thoughts on “Somebody’s Daughter by Rochelle B. Weinstein

  1. Most people who read my blog probably know that I am NOT an internet person (I know… A weird thing to say!) but, I avoided the internet and social media until I had to make my blog, and even then, I come home and put my tin foil hat on first. Lol! I love the idea of this book because people (old AND young) have to be aware of what they’re putting out there and who can see it.. It’s a scary world out there and the people in it don’t need to know everything about your life and where you are at any given moment. They don’t understand that employers will now go online and view your social media presence when considering you for a job opportunity.. And they don’t care if your profile is ‘private’ they can still find things.

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    1. I agree, till I started a blog I was against Twitter Instagram. I had a minimal Facebook presence. Even now it is more of books a day no personal details. I am a private person. I hate YouTube, there seems to be no censorship to it. Any crap videos are on it. I was told to start a YouTube video, I ran away. To me social media, is only to connect to my friends who are far off and for book reviews.
      This book made me realize, no more personal photos on insta or twitter other than a single only face dp. I don’t want my personal life on the net. Period.
      This book is excellent not in the writing or the way the parents are, but in the awareness – what happens when something goes viral…. The duck face pouting teenagers should realize it.

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      1. Lol! I agree wholeheartedly. I only got Facebook because it made it easier to reach out to authors to let them know my reviews were going up. I don’t have a personal page at all. Lol! I’ve had friends suggest pod casts and such to me… I don’t even like posting pics of myself… So, I don’t think I’ll be doing videos!!

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      2. Omg.. And people listen to them?? Thank God, I am old fashioned. I like the Old ways, meeting people, talking to people from my real life more than the virtual apps.
        In saying that, I also have to say I like having virtual conversations as long as they are not too personal day to day life. And like you, I hate being photographed. During conferences I sit with a palm on my face with eyes peeking out between fingers. Or I duck when the camera turns to me hehehehe. It is embarrassing but I don’t want to be photographed

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ha ha!! Me too! On both accounts! I also prefer the real world and wouldn’t even know about this stuff if I didn’t work where I work and have younger employees. Lol! I also hate to have my picture taken. The funny thing is that I also have to go to conferences and spend my time avoiding the cameras… My work friends think it’s hilarious and always try to get me caught.. Because they’re jerks. 😉

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      4. Hahaha… Same here. Even when I am forced to be in a pic, it is this stupid trend of clicking pics as if we are long lost friends who will never meet, I generally offer to click or I stand behind so that only face appears. Hahaha. I think we are the last of the people who hate photographs…

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