Spring on the Little Cornish Isles by Phillipa Ashley

My review

The story goes thus, Will and Jess manage the flower farm, now that their mother Anne takes a backseat. Enter Gaby, with a PhD degree, as a seasonal flower picker. Sparks of attraction and romance begin to fly between Will and her.

Meanwhile Jess’s boyfriend Adam has left the island suddenly without warning, one fine day, and she is left wondering if she would ever hear from him.

Will Adam come back? Will Gaby stay on? Will the islands work their magic on the couples?

My first book by Phillipa Ashley and she has wrung rings around me, in this beautiful fun-filled yet emotional tale involving the Scilly Isles. The atmosphere of the island brimming with flowers comes to life at the hands of Phillipa with breathtaking descriptions of the landscapes, and the characters grow both on the pages and in my heart.

Will and Gaby’s banter was fun to read, the secrets which Gaby kept so close to her heart, when revealed, squeezes the heart. All of them find their niche as the story progresses, but it is Jesse’s strength and courage in the face of heartbreak and shock which stole my heart. To get up and deal with the practicalities of the day, when you just want to curl up and die, is what makes Jesse’s character admirable. Truly a beautiful read..

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Avon Books UK, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Phillipa Ashley writes warm, funny romantic fiction for a variety of international publishers. The first two books in her best-selling Cornish Café series made the Amazon Top 20 and Top 10 chart in 2016.

Phillipa lives in a Staffordshire village with her husband and has a grown-up daughter.

Book blurb

Jess has lived at the idyllic flower farm on the Isles of Scilly her whole life, but when her boyfriend Adam leaves without explanation, Jess discovers that even her little slice of Cornish heaven can be lonely.

For the first time in Will’s life, he’s met someone he can’t stop thinking about. But nothing is simple when the woman of your dreams is working for you.

Gaby is running away from painful memories, and where could be more perfect than a remote island off the Cornish coast? But to put the past behind her, she must keep moving … however much she might want to stay.

Product Details

Publication date : 19th February, 2018

Publisher : Avon Books UK

Language : English

Available on Amazon

A perfect cozy read

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