Impromptu poem on the behest of James J. Cudney, IV @jamescudney4

I was asked to write a poem/story based on the emoji that described me, I chose these


Jay, I hope you like the words. (I forgot about them and had to write in 10 min)

Once upon a time, in far, far lands

2 friends with oceans separating their sands

Listen well, all ye listening

Their friendship was very heartening

He loved her for all her heart

She adored him from the start

Their times did not match due to faces of earth

And yet they were punctual wishing at the time of birth

But their friendship was such a boon

So they made the times match, he loved the sun and she the moon

Tempers were different, he cool and she fiery

But books were the link that held them quietly

She loves driving, he hardly drives

And on request of Jay, this she writes.

—Here you go Jay, my impromptu poem, done in 10min, so not edited. Hope you like. I was being you, not brief😜

57 thoughts on “Impromptu poem on the behest of James J. Cudney, IV @jamescudney4

    1. Hahaha… Thank you so much. But my words come only sometimes. I tried writing in the morning. I was blank. Then got a reminder from James J Cudney IV and the brain cells worked fast. Hence the poem😊😊

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      1. I don’t know.. On its own I was asked to write 6 emoji which described me. Once I did. One of my friends teased and said, now write a story/poem so I tried. Whole day I couldn’t think of anything, suddenly the words came


      2. I write spontaneously when the words come. I can’t make the words come. They have to come on their own. My friend’s words triggered it. No idea how that happens


    1. My poem got lost in the comments. I couldn’t find it when I went back to it. Twitter is a maze I can’t navigate.
      Thank you so much. Even I was surprised. I could string words and make a poem. I think Jay is a catalyst for the trigger to write

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    1. Hahaha thank you so much. Your words mean a lot. Sometimes I can string words. I don’t know what triggers it. I tried writing in the morning but couldn’t get the words, then suddenly I could by evening. So I have no idea how does that happen, honestly.

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      1. Thanks, sometimes reviews come easy and other times I struggle with what to say so I’m not mentioning anything important and it all sounds better in my head than when I actually type them out.

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