Skin Deep by Liz Nugent

My review

I really don’t know how to review this book. I have read this book with a wide eyed fascination, in complete disbelief, at the way the main character was and the actions taken by her in her life, all selfish ones. There was no empathy, no tenderness, she almost seemed empty. A sociopath of sorts. Scary!!!

The story starts with the main character Cordelia/ Delia killing someone from her past, and then going to a party to find a man who would sponsor her escape from the apartment where the corpse was. Finding no one, she returns home, back to the decomposing body (she is shocked that a body can decompose so quickly) and then the back story starts.

A story into her past starting from her childhood where her father brainwashed her into believing that she was the Queen of the island (which she believed throughout the book. The father soon killed the rest of family and himself), and then the story went on to how she survived life, not really needing/liking/loving anyone, but using everyone who came her way.

I have read Liz Nugent’s books, they were all psychological thriller, this probably is too but a different kind. A look into the mind of a sociopathic woman who had no feelings for anyone, (including her son) other than herself. This is how the main character Cordelia described herself.

I knew this wasn’t normal. I knew that I wasn’t normal. I have never needed people, just the comforts they could offer me.

Her mantra throughout the book was —Daddy was right all along, I am better than all of them. I have never come across a more self-obsessed main character than this, ever in so many years of reading.

I couldn’t put down the book as I wanted to know about the identity of corpse and the reason she killed. Besides, Cordelia went deeper and deeper into the abyss as the story went further that I couldn’t stop reading, just to know how much, how far, and where and how will it all end.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Penguin Books UK, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Before becoming a full-time writer, Liz Nugent worked in Irish film, theatre and television. In 2014 her first novel, Unravelling Oliver, was a Number One bestseller and won the Crime Fiction Prize in the 2014 Irish Book Awards. Her second novel, Lying in Wait, went straight to Number One in the Irish bestseller charts, remained there for nearly two months and won her a second IBA. She lives in Dublin with her husband.

Book blurb

Cordelia Russell has been living on the French Riviera for twenty-five years, passing herself off as an English socialite. But her luck, and the kindness of strangers, have run out.

The arrival of a visitor from her distant past shocks Cordelia. She reacts violently to the intrusion and flees her flat to spend a drunken night at a glittering party. As dawn breaks she stumbles home through the back streets. Even before she opens her door she can hear the flies buzzing. She did not expect the corpse inside to start decomposing quite so quickly . . .

Product Details

Publication date : 5th April, 2018

Publisher : Penguin Books UK

Language : English

Available on Amazon

Darkness of the psyche

38 thoughts on “Skin Deep by Liz Nugent

    1. Verrryyy… It was different and very difficult to explain at least for me.. When I started reading, I realized it is one woman’s life from start to finish. And there is absolutely no feeling for others. Just what can he/she do for me, purely financial. Takes physical abuse too with drug dealer because he provides half the rent… Very different. Once I got in, I couldn’t leave the book.

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    1. Aah you got it. I had the same feeling. I couldn’t let go because I wanted to know why, what, etc. So had to read, how deep into the unfeelingness (if there is such a word) can she fall.

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