Winds of Change

They say — change is the only thing which is constant in our lives. And change is something most of us resist. I know I do.

But sometimes circumstances force us to change, the schedule goes haywire, the plans get diverted, and the only thing that is remembered is the Change.

But change can be good too. It erases the past sometimes ,and gives way to a better future. Where am I going with this post?

Are you wondering? So am I!!

But I still have to carry the baton of change and inform you that

Due to unavoidable circumstances, our esteemed, twice published, lovable author has other plans for tomorrow that he is forced to attend. So the chat-up session with James J Cudney IV is slightly preponed to 5pm India IST and 7 30 am New York EST.

Hope to see you all when the post goes live!!!

35 thoughts on “Winds of Change

    1. Ahhh Girl.. Awaiting your comments on that post. ❤️💜. And do let me know what would be your drink of choice while reading that post. Hope you like it. Damn I am tensed… Hahaha(nervous laughter)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha… Sometimes real life is more fun. Enjoy that. The post would come automatically. I am bad at managing time. This week has been one such hazy lazy days


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