The Last Thing I Saw by Alex Sinclair

My review

I enjoyed this book. I went with the flow of the story without thinking too much about the plot line. I just wanted to get to the finish line to know the real truth of what happened that night at the park which landed Emma in a mental facility.

Alex Sinclair has done a good job in maintaining the fast pace of the plot line, with easy to read chapters without focusing too much on the politics of the mental facility. A state funded facility has its own problems of unscrupulous staff, and Alex has touched upon it without making the story too gruesome. And I thank him for that.

The whole story focuses on Emma and her family, slowly going into the past with the help of the psychiatrist Dr. Shaw (the only kind and genuine person). The entire story is about helping Emma to remember that nightmarish night where everything was lost.

The only niggle for me was the characters could have been fleshed out a bit, especially the husband Darren.

Every cloud has a silver lining and whether Emma reaches that or wants to reach that forms the crux of the story.

A good book to read on a Sunday morning and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Alex Sinclair is a thirty-two-year-old psychological thriller author from a quiet country town outside of Melbourne, Australia.

Book blurb

Emma thought she had the perfect life: a beautiful home, a loving husband and a gorgeous son.

She was wrong.

When she wakes up to find herself in hospital, Emma has no memory of how she got there or why her husband and son won’t come to see her.

What happened to Emma’s family?

Emma is desperate to find out what happened – and that her loved ones are safe – but remembering the truth could be the most dangerous thing of all…

Product Details

Publication date : 18th April, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

Language : English

Available on Amazon

A fun easy thriller

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