Something New

It’s not often that I get ideas while I am at work, and being impulsive is something I haven’t done in a long, long time. That emotion was a long forgotten friend. Today afternoon, in between my surgeries, (I got bored waiting for the surgeon), so I embarked on a new journey…

I’ve started a book group Digital Reads Alcove on Facebook, I wanted my passion for books to overflow, to run through the land of internet (at the moment Facebook), and to bring together, a group of like-minded people who would share their books, written or read by them.


The one condition I have (actually there are many rules, there is a whole list😉), but the most important amongst them is BE KIND, accept other readers or writers, who like books different from our genre, and BE POLITE in words and in actions.

I believe, we are READERS, we love books. It is our first and our major love, we have no religion, caste, or creed other than books. Our life is ruled by books, chasing that elusive TBR list, hoping it would get done one day. Our world is, most of the times, the world of the characters, our emotions are governed by theirs, and our passion matches the authors’ who write such books.

Come join me, on this new venture Digital Reads Alcove ( Tell me about the books you’ve read, share the feelings it brought you, take me to your world of books.

On a much serious note, do I know what I am doing? Of course not! I never know what I am doing. But that is the beauty of it. I am going with the flow. I have no idea if and when I will succeed. The river doesn’t care if it overflows the banks or stays straight and narrow. It just flows. And that’s what I am doing — following the river of my life, sometimes smooth, sometimes choppy,

I hope to see you guys, on the group too…


(Aaah.. let’s see who I can bully into joining from this blogisphere, of course, KINDLY and POLITELY!! Jay, Nina, Nicole are you listening??)

155 thoughts on “Something New

    1. Thank you so much, Jay. You are really sweet. I was hoping to bully you into joining, but alas, before I could, you joined.
      Your soothing presence really trigger my words. I was locked inside, not knowing what to write, till I spoke to you, and the words flowed.
      There are times I really doubt if I am the ripe grapes or the dried prunes, when it comes to writing (the clarification was to keep the pun unintended 😉)
      I had no words before I spoke to you. Thank you so much for all your support. I have received it from day 1. Some things are meant to be, some people are just meant to be, like you…

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      1. You are very welcome. I think we’re all in the middle on this range. We’re terrific at some things, novices at others… but it’s the balance and compromise between them all, with a dash of personality, that makes our adventures and chances shine so brightly. I’m glad to be part of yours, too.

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    1. Nicole is the she-devil. She’s at work, so she has missed out on this. She is wicked (a sweet wicked, I have to say this, she will read this one day)
      I am on the fence about Nina, she loves Roarke, but she is willing to sacrifice for me…

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      1. Yes, I checked if you were online and wrote the comment slyly on tippy toes and just whispered away from the post. I did say you are the sweet bare devil just in case you were online. All bases covered WHEW!!

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      2. I swear Nicole, I am going to spend time with you on your blog over the weekend. Last week and this week has been jam-packed with work. I seem to be in a state of perpetual exhaustion. I am hoping the weekend would ease my pains and I can take a break

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      3. Ha ha ha!! Funny…. That’s what my man says too!! Whatever. You’ll all marry me anyways! You’ll have to have the drink first because of what I put in it to make that happen….. I mean.. What?? Did I say that out loud?? 😲😲

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      1. NOOOOO do it. Hey Nicole let her switch to my side. I already am gonna push you into my group.. I have my DEVILESS in you. Let me have the cozy babe.
        Did you notice we are like Charlie’s angels. You me Nina and is Jay our Charlie whom we love?

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      2. And you call ME the devil!! I can SEE you forked tongue spurting out! Sorry. Not the devil, a siren. I hear your siren’s call… Cozzzyyyy…. Cooome too meeee….. AND THEN SHE CRASHES ON THOSE ROCKS, AND IS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN!!

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      3. … I think you broke my Facebook. Lol! I went to check my inbox to see if there was anything there or if I could change a stmetting and it shut my whole page down and has been perpetually loading for the past 5 minutes! Lol! So, if I’m not answering you, it’s because I can no longer see it. Lol!! YOU BROKE FACEBOOK!!

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      4. It is actually Face Crack for you… Omg omg… You made a comment. Shalini opens her mouth and there is hurricane. It fell on you…. Omg omg


      5. Rightly said, cozy babe, rightly said. Listen to Nina, Nicole. She has understood me totally.
        Awww Nina, you are such a sweetheart for getting me 😉😉😂🤣

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    1. Thank you so much… I am so happy to hear your words. I have been kind of locked in the past few days. So it was nice to write these words. They shocked me too. Hope to see you on my group

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      1. You’re very welcome😁! Lately I’ve been trying to adhere to this new thought that you don’t need to have everything figured out all at once, which is why your words rung so true to my ears!

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    1. Yes I hope that I can encourage all kinds of authors fiction and non fiction, so that they can get a platform to discuss and promote their books, and readers who would like to share their books and learn about new authors. Some have discouraged me, but fingers and toes crossed


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