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Ode to my DEVILESS, no doubt

Life is difficult, no doubt
Problems are surmountable, no doubt
The mind just breaks, no doubt
The heart just shatters, no doubt.

But then, sometimes
There arises a gentle soul, no doubt
There is humor in selfless depths, no doubt
Making living fun and joy, no doubt
Bringing laughter and teasing, no doubt

It so started
No doubt with a tag and award
No doubt with being a virtual stranger
No doubt about seldom meeting
No doubt about nearly parting

But then there was
A stubbornness born of queens, no doubt
An openness born of sky, no doubt
A beauty born of heart, no doubt
A will stronger than all, no doubt

And she lived
By her own terms, no doubt
By her own wishes, no doubt
By her own loyalty, no doubt
By her own fire, no doubt

Who else could it be
Nicole, the bookworm, always
Nicole, the soulful beauty, always
Nicole, the connoisseur, always
Nicole, the alchemist, always.

And to me
She will always be my The One
She will always be my True Love
She will always be my Big Strength
She will always be my DEVILESS!!!

β€” dedicated to Nicole, my DEVILESS, an early birthday present.

43 thoughts on “Ode to my DEVILESS, no doubt Leave a comment

    • Sometimes I am sweet Jenn… Only sometimes… Hehehe πŸ’œβ€οΈ thank you so much for reading. I have no idea how I wrote this. I cane as a flow of emotion in the bewitching hour


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