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The Mum Who’d Had Enough by Fiona Gibson

My review

Look at the cover, it is so cute!! I wanted a fun light read and hence I picked up this book. But I was soooo wrong!!

The book started with the mum Sinead leaving as she was quite fed up with her husband Nate and his ways. So it was not mum who’d enough but the wife who’d had enough!!

She left a list of all his shortcomings and I did understand them all. From her perspective, I agreed Nate was pretty lousy!! He didn’t put up mouse traps and allowed mouses to run in the kitchen behind the toaster and microwave. That alone would have been reason enough for me to leave such a husband. Who wants to live in a house with mouse/rats?? Eeeeeeuuuuuu!!

My first book by author Fiona Gibson, and I had great expectations. I wanted humor and a chick-lit kind of a book (look at the cover again!!), I got a pretty serious book dealing with breaking relationships.

The introduction of Tanzie brought some humor and fun to this prose. Nate as the bumbling clueless husband was okay, I did get why he gifted his wife leapord print mini skirt for birthday (she had to return it) and gave money for Christmas (she had to gift herself). Imagine that!!

What I didn’t get from this book was Sinead’s point of view, her reasonings. I didn’t connect with her, and I didn’t even feel the couple had warm vibes to begin with!! The mum who’d had enough kept mum through this entire story!! So I skim read it hoping she would have more of a role!! Sighhh!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Avon Books UK, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Fiona Gibson is an author and journalist. Originally from Yorkshire, she started her writing life at the age of seventeen on Jackie magazine. She is a regular contributor to Red, Sainsbury’s Magazine and the Sunday Herald, and lives with her husband and their three children in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Book blurb

Nate Turner has a nice life. He has a steady job as a driving examiner, and lives with his wife Sinead and son Flynn in a lovely house in a good part of town. Yes, it’s a very nice life.

Until one morning Nate comes downstairs to find Sinead gone and a note lying on the kitchen table, listing all the many things that Nate does wrong – or doesn’t do at all.

Now, somehow, Nate needs to show Sinead he can change – fast. But as Nate works on being a better husband and dad, his life changes in amazing and unexpected ways. And he starts to wonder whether he wants to go back to normal after all. Could there be more to life than nice?

Product Details

Publication date : 14th June, 2018

Publisher : Avon Books UK

Quite a serious read

38 thoughts on “The Mum Who’d Had Enough by Fiona Gibson Leave a comment

    • Hey you are watching movies, that’s great. I read this book early in the week but was blocked for words… Today I could write, hence the reviews😉😉📝


  1. I won’t depend on my husband till house is full of mouse/rats. Either I will stand over his had till he put mouse trap and empty it later, I could be intimidating when needed, 😉 or i will just do it myself. Mostly option 1 works nicely without effforts so i don’t have to go for second option. 😀
    Fair review, exactly sounds like wife who’d had enough!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The husband said it is a single mouse which keeps on reappearing not a family of mice – I couldn’t deal with such a logic. Is it me or is it them wh have gone bonkers


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