What Lies Below by Barbara Taylor Sissel

My review

A review is generally the encapsulation of the journey the book takes you on. I love books which take me on a wild journey leaving the realities behind. This book took me to the edge of precipice and left me there. It didn’t allow me to fly.

I have read books by Barbara Taylor Sissel, and I have enjoyed her writing. Her blurb captured my imagination.

A missing child + psychic dreams = fun read

But for that fun read to occur, the main character has to accept herself and her talents. The book felt half cooked in that idea. I liked that the author dealt with a lot of social issues like aftereffects of death of a partner, miscarriage, addictions, mental health.

But the story went so much into these issues that the rollercoaster ride which the blurb promised me was forgotten. The book was fun to skim read, but it had no twists, no turns, no intrigue, no suspense, over reactions by the main character. The main character Gilly wasn’t someone I would want as a friend, she sees the dream of Zoe being kidnapped, is friendly with the father, yet does not warn anyone, as in the past nobody believed her.

It is all me, I believe children should be protected, and whatever we can do as adults, we should do it, even if the world does not believe, even if there are people criticising you. Even if we can save one child, we have done our primary duty as a human being.

But Gilly doesn’t, is in her own world and the story moves ahead and I could reach — The End

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Lake Union Publishing and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Barbara Taylor Sissel writes issue-driven women’s fiction threaded with elements of suspense, which particularly explores how families respond to the tragedy of crime. She is the author of eight previous novels: The Last Innocent Hour, The Ninth Step, The Volunteer, Evidence of Life, Safekeeping, Crooked Little Lies, Faultlines, and The Truth We Bury.

Book blurb

Gilly O’Connell’s nightmares aren’t just bad dreams; they’re glimpses of terrifying realities to come. Gilly has spent her entire life trying to suppress the foreboding visions.

Three years later, after overcoming a battle with addiction and starting over in a small Texas town, Gilly dares to believe the worst is over. That is, until another crime rips her heart open: the abduction of a three-year-old girl. Gilly knows more about it than anyone…

She’s dreaming again.

Gilly is convinced that if she tells the police she dreamed of the kidnapping before it happened, there’s no way they’ll believe her. But when she finally gets the courage to come forward with what she saw, people don’t see her as crazy—they see her as a suspect.

Gilly’s only chance for salvation might be the dreams she’s spent so long trying to ignore.

Product Details

Publication date : 15th May, 2018

Publisher : Lake Union Publishing


Could have been so exciting…

43 thoughts on “What Lies Below by Barbara Taylor Sissel

      1. That’s fine. I am the same. I don’t know the name of the book I am reading. I know it is about lies and is an intense read. Are you seeing a theme in books I am reading?

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  1. Sorry this happened, sounds like you hit a flat one this time, but i I always enjoy your reviews, probably more than I would have the book! 😉

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