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The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair

My review

I wanted to read a thriller which would knock my socks off (thank you Kim) and this book kinda did with the first scene.

The scene in the elevator with the doors partially open and child running out, where the mother couldn’t follow and the lift lurching a foot down is so gripping and so horrifying, I literally had my heart in my mouth from imagining it. This scene should be read by all thriller lovers. Man, it was brilliant. I will say it again it was brilliant. What a scene!! Author Alex Sinclair is a genius with this scene.

The book followed the mother Erica as she took one wrong decision after the other in search of her daughter. She was scatterbrained with wayward thoughts, could be because of panic. She didn’t call the cops!! The story narrated her past life the Then along with the the present one Now. Her life with Michael, her pregnancy, breakdown of marriage, divorce, all found a place in between the chapters where she searched for the child on each floor, knocking on doors of rude, indifferent residents. Nobody could understand her panic

I loved how Alex Sinclair has portrayed Erica, I could feel the synapses of her brain overshooting at all points. Blood found, ex-con resident, a collapsed maintenance man, a shady maintenance supervisor all played their part in confusing Erica and me. At times I felt I was underwater where I could see everything but could not analyse anything. I could just hold-on and hope that this ride would show me the way to rise to the surface with complete understanding.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

Book blurb

Erika Rice is in an elevator with her four-year-old daughter Alice when it stops on the wrong floor and her little girl runs out. The doors close before Erika can follow, and the daughter she loves more than anything is suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Erika can’t bear the thought of her daughter in danger or afraid, and will do anything to get her back. But with no sign of Alice, Erika has no idea where to begin.

The residents of the apartment block claim not to have seen anything, but Erika realises someone’s lying to her – and that there’s something darker at play.

How could a four-year-old disappear into thin air?

Product Details

Publication date : 13th July, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

Brilliant thriller

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  1. Well, it makes me worry about the rest of the book after you put so much emphasis on the opening scene! Ha ha! But, her kid is missing and she DOESN’T CALL THE POLICE?? That’s it. She did it. I don’t know what she did. But, it was totally her.

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