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Arcacia by T A Barua

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I bring to you Arcacia by author T. A. Barua, a children’s fantasy which captures imagination and dreams.

My review

A book which would take a child into realms of mystical creatures is always fun to read. It is not frequent that one comes across such books which would take a reader to those wonderful places.

Selina, a sorceress married a human Harris spurning her betrothed Setanor and gave birth to triplets. Setanor saw this as treason, imprisoned Selina, sent Harris to Underworld, and the three kids afloat in the river of their destiny. After 13 years, the children are found, and this book encapsulates their discovery of their heritage and each other and their courage to fight Setanor and his army, along with two witches, Lilith and Eleanor and rescue their parents and reclaim their birthright.

Arcacia is the debut novel by author T. A. Barua. Sophie and her falcon Ghost are both innocent and enchanting. The story is a fast read following Sophie’s journey into Arcacia and coming into power. It has friendship, love, and relationships. It has fights and problems to make the book interesting. The book also has its entire list of imaginary beings like elves, globins, trolls, spectres, witches and wizards.

The plot lines of the story is great, delivery is a little inconsistent. I would have liked more excitement, more emotions, more development of the story to keep me hooked. The characters too felt one-dimensional.

Overall a good story, for both children and adults who are children at heart, willing to suspend logic.

My rating : 3 stars

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Book blurb

When a beautiful sorceress-queen, Selina, spurns Setanor, a powerful, jealous northern warlock, an invasion of Western Arcacia begins. To save her newborn triplets from death, they are cast down a magical river to the New World, a place called, ‘London, England.’

Thirteen years later in a cold, Victorian London attic… The future of Sophie, an impoverished orphan looks bleak but everything changes, to her astonishment after a young witch arrives through her bedroom window with an incredible message and a warning. So begins her life in a beautiful, enchanted ancient world…

How do Sophie and her four friends summon the tremendous courage to rescue her long lost family while restoring Arcacia from dark, ruling forces? Mystical beasts, sceptres, powerful witches and daemon-trolls are just some of their challenges. Meanwhile, the dreaded terrifying warlock, Setanor and his witch-consort Lilith have sent a secret enemy to plan their downfall…

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