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The Road Trip by Susanne O’Leary

My review

This was a light fluffy read. Maddy was tired of the routine tedium of housework and her husband’s obsession with golf. Leanne had a dominating over-possessive mother. When both win 200,000£, they decide to go on a road trip exploring Europe. Both the women had a motive: one to find a lost love, other to find her lost father.

My first book by Susanne O’Leary, and this is the first adventure in the travel series. The countryside described was fabulous and realistic. The women did have a loads of fun. The red Mercedes convertible attracted me throughout the book, it could take on all the roads.

The women were fun loving, spirited, there was a bond between them. They had their similarities, they were both teachers. Yet their differences in attitude and age separated them, they weren’t the best of friends. So the warmth between them that comes from years of friendship was lacking. Their friendship grew with their capers which went from shopping trips to pretending to be the waitresses to accidental dog-knapping to ferry ride to sweet-turning-nasty Lord of Manor blackmailing passenger to old fickle lover to new father-turning-boyfriend to divorcing old husband to new love. Whew!!

This was a light read, with minimal drama, minimal emotions. It seemed more like a journey of their inner discovery, an escape from their life into their travels. Overall a fun read!!

P. S The girls started a blog along with Twitter and Instagram, all were a roaring success overnight with sponsors and money pouring in. (I wonder how they did that??!!)

Stay tuned for book 2 in the series review…

My rating : 3.5 stars

Book blurb

Maddy can’t bear to wash another pair of her husband’s Y-fronts and if he continues to drone on about golf she might just scream. Leanne can’t stand living with her overbearing mother for a second longer and she’s one disapproving eye roll away from a nervous breakdown.

But their luck changes when they win the lottery.

Setting off from Dublin, Maddy and Leanne lease a red convertible, winding through Europe and heading for the sun-drenched French Riviera.

But the pair have their own reasons for their adventure. Amongst glorious sunsets and buckets of bubbly, Leanne and Maddy are searching for answers after years of wondering ‘what if?’ But there might just be some surprises in store along the way…

Product Details

Publication date : 12th June, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

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