Reap by Marilyn Bennett

The book had no cover pic since it is releasing in the next year (I hope it never releases, at least not in this version)

My review

I loved the beginning of the book where Melissa lives a normal life with her husband, working as the P. E. Teacher, and of course, doing the occasional drinks with an ex.

Till BAM she is knocked down by a car and she wakes up in the twilight zone. Oh literally in the interim where she does have to reap… She cannot pass on till she finishes her unfinished duties.

This was a different book where the parts which deal with Melissa and her husband and their family life was written with an emotional hand. The parts about the woman who had knocked her down were written with pathos and pain for both parties involved. These were the good parts.

The interim with the wall, the Memory Forest, the old and the young, the lake and the dog, the Birdman, and the dinosaurs went on a different tangents which did nothing to enhance the book. The ending was so far fetched that it made no sense at all.

If the book had continued on an emotional vein it would have been fabulous, a bit like the move Ghost but still a good tale. But it went on a fantastical journey with other characters that it lost me completely. I HAD NO IDEA WHY THE DINOSAURS WERE NEEDED IN THIS BOOK . I skipped those parts and realized it was The End

I received an ARC from NetGalley and author Marilyn Bennett, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

I have read this author before and not liked it. I realized it later *face palm* moment… 🤦🏻🤦🏻Oh I hit twice!! Sighhhh

My rating : 2 stars

About the Author

Book blurb

When a tragic accident happens Melissa is forced to re-evaluate her life in a way she could never have imagined possible.

Her marriage, career and life choices all come up for unwanted inspection.

Melissa is about to have a life changing experience without altering a single aspect of her life.

She is about to be forced to reap the life she has sown.

Product Details

Publication date : 31st Jan 2019

Publisher : Self

16 thoughts on “Reap by Marilyn Bennett

      1. Me too…. I hop skip jump the pages… I was just so shocked with this book… So I read wanting to see where the book goes… From emotions to being a reaper to dinosaur… I didn’t understand it at all

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