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A Holiday to Remember by Susanne O’Leary

My review

A continuation of the road trip taken by the girls Maddie and Leanne, this had boats and sailing in it. You got to read the previous book to know and love the characters and Bridget.

The author Susanne O’Leary has continued the travel from Ireland to Italy, to driving the red Mercedes convertible to sailing around Dalmatian Islands, while stopping at the various villages for sightseeing and food. (food and wine has been described gorgeously in this book).

This was not only a journey to places but a journey to understanding their inner selves. Both Maddy and Leanne had to take some tough decisions, though this book concentrated more on Leanne and her love life.

The story from the beginning Maddie and Leanne won the lotto, decided to leave their old life for a dream vacation the whole of summer, took a road trip, met up old love, old dad, new loves, and started blog and social media (which are instant hits). They decided to go sailing to Dalmatian Islands with this book. There were a lot of capers and additional characters, with a dog-knapping, jealous old flames, lying new flame, director turned politician, runaway wife and unexpected loves.

Maddie and Leanne’s friendship continued on along with their blog posts. This had humorous moments but not the LOL kinds. Overall a good read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3.5 stars

Book blurb

Until a few weeks ago, Leanne was a thirty-something who lived with her mother. And yes, she still slept under her Barbie bedspread.

Until recently, Maddy was married to a man whose golf club got more action than she did.

But not anymore.

Leanne and Maddy (and their miniature poodle Bridget) have packed their suitcases and bid goodbye to their dreary lives for the summer. After winding along Italy’s sun-dappled Adriatic Coast in a shiny red convertible, sailing around Croatia’s gorgeous Dalmatian Islands awaits them.

Days splashing around in sparkling turquoise waters and wine-fuelled nights under the stars are every girl’s dream. But with a devilishly handsome Italian on board, old flames to get over and holiday flings to contend with, there’s plenty of drama ahoy. One thing’s for certain, Leanne and Maddy’s trip promises to be a holiday to remember…

Product Details

Publication date : 15th August, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

A Boat Ride

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  1. We reviewed the same books today! Wonderful review I enjoyed this book as well! Do you think there will be more in the series?

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