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Review – Spider’s Trap by Jennifer Estep

Spider’s Trap by Jennifer Estep

My review

Well, Gin Blanco and her creator Jennifer Estep always make me happy.

The stories may sound repetitive – someone always comes to kill her. The result may be repetitive – the enemy always dies. The ending may be repetitive – there is a cliffhanger for the next book.

But what makes these books so addictive for me is the ability to connect, the ability to feel alive when I read this book. I literally and truly am unable to keep this book down. I love the series with a passion. My pulse just hammers in my throat when I read about Gin. I am a total fan girl!!

The story has everything which makes my heart beat fast

Action – check ☑️

Fight with knives – check ☑️

Magic – check ☑️

Love – ☑️

There is genuine love and caring between Gin and boyfriend Owen, between Gin and adopted brother Finn, and between Gin and sister Bria. The secondary characters who are like Gin’s family show their support so wholeheartedly that this is the book I go to when I need my heart’s passions evoked.

This story too had old enemy Pike making his appearance and Lorelei emerging out from the shadows. There were many niggles in this story – spoiler alert – why would Gin fight a metal elemental assassin with a metal knife? It is just common basics. You need stone or some inert material to fight a monster who can mold metals… This part made me go – Are you kidding me?

The rest of the book catered to my mind and heart needs.

My rating : 4 stars

Product Details

Publication date : 28th July 2015

Publisher : Pocket Books


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28 thoughts on “Review – Spider’s Trap by Jennifer Estep Leave a comment

  1. I finished that Meli Raine Shameless series and had to start another one of hers (Harmless). I think I’m a forever fan. 🙂 School starts on the 28th, so must get the kid ready (clothes and supplies and all that). It always sucks when summer comes to an end. Sigh.

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  2. I love that you are so up front about this book and series. I had never heard of this author or this series, so I checked it out on Amazon. They are all rated around 4 stars or more. Is this a series you need to read in order due to the cliffhangers? Glad you are doing well this week.

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