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Samhain Secrets by Jennifer David Hesse

My review

A cozy mystery… I liked the book, it had mystery and murder in it, this time a little closer to home. I realized this book was a part of the series, but I didn’t have problems following the characters.

Keli as the main character was cute; I liked her Wiccan practices. It was fun to read about the spells cast and the commune with nature. I liked her investigative skills.

My first book by author Jennifer David Hesse, and it ticked all the right boxes of cozy witchy mystery. The mystery of who murdered her aunt caused Keli to go hunting for the murderer with a few clues from the aunt via dreams and channeling and some from other spirits and others from snooping into suspect’s home (also known as B & E). I liked the friendships which weaved around Keli, keeping her tied to her beliefs and to her community.

Reading a cozy book after such a long time, this was a pleasant jump into this genre. But I would have loved a better story, more intrigue, more spirit-y horror, more emotions to make this an awesome read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Kensington books, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Jennifer David Hesse is an environmental attorney by day and author by night. Born and raised in Central Illinois, Jennifer now makes her home in Chicago with her husband, guitarist Scott Hesse, and their daughter, Sage. When she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys yoga, hiking, and movie night with her family.

Book blurb

After her recent promotion to junior partner, Keli is putting in overtime to juggle her professional career and private Wiccan spiritual practice. With Halloween fast approaching, her duties include appearing as a witch at a “haunted” barn and hand-holding a client who’s convinced her new house is really haunted. But it’s the disappearance of Josephine O’Malley that has Keli spooked.

The missing person is Keli’s aunt, an environmental activist and free spirit who always seemed to embody peace, love, and independence. When Josephine is found dead in the woods, Keli wonders if her aunt’s activities were as friendly as they seemed. As Keli comes to terms with her loss—while adjusting to having a live-in boyfriend and new demands at work—she must wield her one-of-a-kind magic to banish negative energy if she’s going to catch a killer this Samhain season. Because Keli isn’t ready to give up the ghost . . .

Product Details

Publication date : 28th Aug, 2018

Publisher : Kensington Books

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    • Baby, did you not see the blog tour for sci-fi hehehe I read everything I have to tackle Stephen King horror is still pending… Rest I am upto date
      I love sci-fi… My October tour has a sci-fi.. 😁😀 *grinning like a fool*


  1. Sometimes I need the more relaxing and easy to follow mystery a cozy provides to clear my head and body of the tension of heavier suspenseful and emotive reads. It is good to frequently toss one of these in the mix

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  2. I’m doing my cosy mystery read-a-thon in October, and I cannot wait to dive in. I haven’t read cosy mysteries in years… ♥ the review!

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  3. Wonderful review! It’s nice to have a cozy book to read from time to time as well, and this really does sound like one of those books to read when it’s raining outside, all curled up with a blanket next to the stove 😊

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  4. Great review Shalini. Too bad it was not as fun and quick moving as others. I read cozies between my other thrillers and emotional books. I actually listen to most of them now, there are so many on Hoopla.

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