Blog Tour – October 1 – 6 (Tour is full) #childrensbook

I am so excited!!
Robbie is back!! He Is back!!
And I am absolutely jumping with joy!!
Another awesome book written by author Robbie Yates. I have read the book, I endorse it completely. This is one book I am buying for my niece. It is going on our shelf.
Can you guys make out how much I heart this book?!!

Digital Reads Blog Tours presents One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates

Bloggers, you know what to do
2 dates each for the tour in the comments section or fill the form here

68 thoughts on “Blog Tour – October 1 – 6 (Tour is full) #childrensbook

      1. Only you would think your interweb wife would be running an alternative Escort service!! 🙄🙄😏😏🤔🤔
        I meant the dates of the eating variety….
        And who would want to date me😒😉🤔

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      2. Ha ha! So, I productive day then!! 😂😂 That’s okay. I got caught in a silly conversation and have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today, myself even though I promised myself that I would spend the 3.5 hr trip today, reading…. That did not happen. Ha ha!!!

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      3. I’m so excited. I am really happy that there’s some new bloggers as well as some from the previous blog tour – it’ll be awesome to hear how this book compares to the last! 😊 Thanks for all the work you’ve done arranging it so far!! 😁

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