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Blog Tour – Steve Moretti live… @morettisteve

Steve, don’t get tired now… Just the last 5 questions.. Come on you can do it…

Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Steve Moretti still typing away…

1. What does Steve do when he is not writing? Your other interests? (I know that he does love travelling as seen in his Instagram pictures, check them out, guys)

Yes, I like to travel with my wife and we have plans for trips to Europe, Australia and other places. We especially like biking and drinking wine, and where possible combining the two!

I am also launching a podcastwith the working title “A Brief History of Things” that will explore the history of a wide range of topics that interest me. Through interviews with experts in the field I will be diving into subjects such as: stringed instruments, the evolution of money, Single Malt Scotch, time-travel, Mozart’s childhood, etc.

Besides biking, I like golfing, curling, tennis. boating and gardening. I am also going to be volunteering with some groups in Ottawa that are trying to help families who are struggling to make ends meet. Finally, I am passionate about raising awareness of environmental issues and trying to focus on the science, rather than the politics of climate change.

2. Any advice to the budding authors?

Yes, start writing! Don’t beat yourself up, just try to get 500 words on a page, every day, while you turn off your inner critic. After a few weeks you’ll have enough to share and get some feedback.

There are so many ways to connect with others these days, and ways to express yourself. The only limitation is the voice in your head putting you down. If you enjoy writing, and getting caught up in a world you control – then just do it!

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the literary world? Any plans to write other genre?

I would like to have maybe ten books published and be connected to a group of readers who share my interest in history and science, music and the arts and also like stories with a touch of fantasy, romance and most importantly, memorable characters.

For my novels I will probably stick to historical fantasy, but I am also working on screenplays where I can explore just about anything. I have a TV series that I would like to get out in 2019.

4. What is that fun thing about you that is a secret or hardly anyone knows?

I played hockey as a kid in London, Ontario. Some of the games were played on outdoor rinks in all kinds of winter weather, but we never cared and always enjoyed it. One day when I was about ten-years-old, there was bad snow storm and my mom was late to pick me up. So, I decided to walk home – in my skates and my full hockey uniform. Hey, it was only about four miles or so!

Apparently, this caused a bit of a panic for my parents who couldn’t find me at the rink. I had no idea why everyone was so upset when they finally tracked me down half-way home, nearly frozen.

5. Any last words at the end of this blog tour?

I have really enjoyed answering these questions and how my book came to be.

My goal in writing is to create world that is familiar and real, but is not necessarily completely bound by reality. ‘What if’ possibilities have always intrigued me, but it seems more interesting if we take what we know about the world and just tilt it a bit, and sprinkle a some magic dust here and there.Thanks for your interest in my work and I look forward to any and all feedback, the good and the bad!

I am going to miss you, Steve. Hope to have you soon here…

I am the last stop of this blog tour. I am feeling both sad and nostalgic.

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