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Book Review – The proposal by S. E. Lynes

My review

This is one of the most difficult reviews I would have probably written. The book was so different, gruesome in places that I had no idea of what I was reading. The story started innocently enough about a not so successful author Pippa opening the door for the ex-criminal salesman, Ryan/Gary, and then putting forth a proposal to him – his life story for 200 bucks. Then came obsession with Pippa, stalking, ultimately death.

The first line from the book

The first thing you should know, dear reader, is that I am dead…

My first book by S. E. Lynes, and I am not sure what I felt about this book. Pippa was totally unreliable, she destroyed every good thing in her life. I thought she liked when Ryan became obsessed with her. Ryan, on the other hand, had his own dark secret. I felt both the characters were damaged enough that they deserved each other.

The narration of the book was in three formats, blog posts, audio excerpt by Ryan, and Pippa’s journal entry – a unique concept.

My niggles are just that I didn’t like the book, I couldn’t connect with the characters, their emotions, their darkness. I felt I lived so far away from them in a land of sanity. The darkness pervaded too much!!

The book was fascinating, the reason I say this is though I didn’t like anything, I couldn’t put it down. Sometimes things can be so gross, that one had to know how this ended. I read this in one breath with widening eyes and thumping heart!! No more of such stories!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Book blurb

Teacher Pippa wants a second chance. Recently divorced and unhappy at work, she uproots her life and moves to the countryside, determined to make a fresh start. But Pippa soon realises: your troubles are never far behind.

When Pippa meets blue-eyed Ryan Marks, he is funny and charming. He is haunted by his past – but insists he is a changed man.

He might just be the answer to all of her problems. And Pippa can tell the truth from lies. She’d know if she were in danger. Wouldn’t she?

Product Details

Publication date : 21st September, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

43 thoughts on “Book Review – The proposal by S. E. Lynes Leave a comment

  1. Sorry this one didn’t work out for you, Shalini. I do agree with you about Pippa though. Her character unraveled fast. This ended up being much darker than I thought it would be too though I kinda liked it 🙂 If you decide to check out another book by Lynes, I’d recommend Valentina.

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  2. While I usually tend to like dark things, this one sounds especially dark and pretty destructive too. Don’t know if I have the right mindset to really read something like this right now. While I like the pretty unique concept of it, I think I will pass on this for now. Wonderful review as always though Shalini😘

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  3. This intrigues me – but I am rather squeamish and don’t like gruesome images in my head. I appreciate your difficulty and skill in writing this review – I find these the hardest to write.

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  4. Interesting that you couldn’t put the book down, Shalini, and yet didn’t like it. It’s tough to read books where the characters are unrelatable (probably a good thing in this case if they’re so damaged). I like a bit of redemption in my reads, and it sounds like this book didn’t have much of that.

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  5. Thank you Shalini.
    Now that I have done three book reviews, the urge to read yours is strong. I want to take some cues from your reviews which I rate very high. Probably I will succeed in the next review

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