Author Interview – Still in conversation with Drea Damara

The story continues in with Author Drea Damara sharing a few snippets about herself.

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1) Have you started writing the next book? What is it about?

I have finished the second installment of the Blinney Lane series, Beyond Farwin Wood, which is due out next year.
It picks up where book 1 left off, but with a shift in main characters. Valerie Millville along with Ricky Allister, volunteer to travel to Farwin Wood in search of a cure for Franci Doltman when she becomes possessed by her Halloween costume. Valerie meets Ranthrop Groslivo who aids her on a journey beyond Farwin Wood while Ricky researches the magic behind how they travel between books and the real world. Like book one, it explores the depths of familiar relationship
It is my favorite of the Blinney story plots and I’m very proud of it.

2) What do you do when you are word blocked in a particular plot?

When I have writer’s block I’ve found it is best to abandon a plot and explore new ones or to work on dialogue to see if something can transpire from there.

3) Favorites authors/books

I enjoy reading books by Elizabeth Gaskell, Larry Niven, and Johanna Lindsey. I’m a sucker for historical romance that takes me on an adventure.

4) What is the one fun thing about you that nobody or hardly anybody knows?

That’s a tough question! I suppose my family knows this, as opposed to no one, but I enjoy taking photographs. There’s something magical about capturing the beauty in ordinary moments that are gone in a split second and finding beauty where we normally wouldn’t think to look.

5) Any last words at the end of the interview?

Thank you for the interview and for all of the bloggers who participated in my first blog tour. And to the readers, thank you for your interest in my work. I write to bring joy and escape to others, and I hope I’ve done that for you all with The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane.

That’s it from me now! Stay tuned for the next tour on Monday!!

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11 thoughts on “Author Interview – Still in conversation with Drea Damara

  1. Oh we’re the same when it comes to writer’s block.. I set aside my current WIP/Plot for a while and then just go back to it.. Or formulate dialogues, even if don’t feel like doing them or I know they won’t be useless. hehe…

    I’m excited for book 2 of Blinney Lane, by the way.

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