Book Review – My Sister’s Lie by Debbie Howells

My review

OMG OMG OMG!! This was the first book where I hated the main character and wanted bad things to happen to her. And I was so glad when it did!! What does that say about the book?!!

Ten years of non communication between sisters Nina and Hannah, ended when Hannah received a call informing her about Nina’s death, first declared as accidental then murder!! Abe, Nina’s son was brought to Hannah’s home, but there was only silence between them. A stalker was soon added to the plot along with letters of truth!!

And they all came to the point, where I was ready to throw the main character down the cliff!! I loved that surge of emotions where I wanted to be a part of the plot. I wanted vengeance!!

I loved the way author Debbie Howells has plotted her main character, Hannah. She was surly, unreliable narrator, paranoid, lousy aunt to Abe, always worried about secrets of the past being revealed, clingy leech of a sister to Nina, and who alienated practically everyone. And an alcoholic to boot!! One would wonder what was her redeeming quality – Believe me, NOTHING!! And I loved this wave of hate and frustration I felt throughout the book!!

The story did end with the secrets being unveiled, and they were all shocking and cringe-worthy. And then justice was meted out!! What a way to get it!! I didn’t like anything what happened in the story of these two sisters, but that was because I was so immersed in their life and I could only read the story with a horrifying silence!!

I loved it!!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Kensington, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

International bestselling novelist Debbie Howells is the author of The Bones of You, her debut thriller, as well as The Beauty of the End, and Part of the Silence. While in the past she has been a flying instructor, the owner of a flower shop, and a student of psychology, she currently writes full-time. Debbie lives in West Sussex with her family, please visit her online at

Book blurb

It’s been ten years since Hannah Roscoe saw her older sister, but that distance fades to nothing when she receives a call from the police saying Nina is dead. Now Nina is gone, and Hannah is left to care for her young nephew, Abe, who’s remote and moody in the wake of his loss.

But worse is to come, as Nina’s death, first ruled an accident, becomes a murder investigation. Hannah is drawn back into her past, forced to confront the ghosts of their unhappy childhood and the reasons she and Nina finally drifted apart.

Through it all, Hannah can’t shake the feeling that someone else knows all about the secrets she and Nina shared—and the ones they kept hidden, even from each other. Perhaps Nina’s death is not a tragic ending after all, but the beginning of a new and twisted nightmare . . .

Product Details

Publication date : 31st July, 2018

Publisher : Kensington

71 thoughts on “Book Review – My Sister’s Lie by Debbie Howells

    1. Ooooo this is something else… I still feel anger coursing down my veins when I think about main character. I the read and forget kinds… But this book still has me in its grips. Even when I cannot read much now.

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      1. That’s great…. 3 months post pneumonia, you have to be very careful. Was just speaking to a doc friend regarding my own immunity, they say pomegranates are a great source of antioxidants… So make sure you eat it raw not a smoothie twice a day. Dragon fruit is something which has great antiviral and other properties, if you can get it, then it would be great. I am unable to get it here as it is extremely expensive. It helps against low platelet count during dengue and other unknown properties. I remember 2 slices of it every day and it helped in immunity. Kiwi fruit is another such fruit.

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  1. Wow, Shalini! What an enthusiastic review. I enjoyed reading it. It had my heart pumping with excitement as you explained it.
    Sometimes hating a character and then seeing that they get what they deserve is so fulfilling.
    Thanks for reviewing. That cover is really enticing too. 😊

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  2. Wow! This book looks… interesting. It’s a rare talent for an author to be able to describe a mean, horrible character and manage to make it work 😊 Is this book worth a read? 📖

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