Book Review – Before It Began by Thomas Zman

Suspend your belief

Leave the routine

Look at the stars

Wander the imagination

Are we really the only one?

Think beyond the skies

Look beyond the world

Leave the theories aside

Can linear be the evolution?

Look at the proof

Look to the wonders

Look at the past

Look into science

Can we really be the only one?!!

Open your minds

Unveil the known

There is something more

Before it all began

My review

Wondrous is the prose when the author can leave me thinking – What if this had really happened?!! I don’t believe in evolution or that we have come from the apes. There are too many differences between us, including our chromosomes, and such an evolution leaves behind multitude of questions?

I have always believed that in some stage of Earth’s evolution, there has been an alien influx, hence the Stonehenge, Mohenjadaro and Harappa, the Indus Valley civilization, the Pyramids. The time when people could predict everything or navigate looking at the stars. Who gave ancient man the knowledge, and what happened to that era? Well, these questions have plagued me forever. And I have spent many a days wondering and imagining the What If?!!

And then lo and behold, I get to read this book by Thomas Zman, and the story triggers my imagination. Here is an author who thought outside the box and took the evidences found today, to write a fictional tale. This was book 3 in the series, but it actually precedes the other two as it gives the story about how aliens came to Earth and what happened henceforth.

Thomas Zman’s books find their core strongly rooted in theology, and the prose strongly reflects those beliefs. This is certainly a different sci-fi thriller, where questions are asked and questions are pondered upon.

Looking at the skies, at the stars makes me feel insignificant and leaves me with a surety, that maybe just maybe, Thomas Zman is right. Before the humanity began, there was the help given from outside.

The book has its niggles. Thomas’s style of writing takes time to get used to, it may not appear like a fictional stories of today. There is a formality in the structure of the sentences. I would have liked more linking up of evidences found today into the story to make it more believable. The entire prose should have brought goosebumps ideally!!

The book requires an open mind, the concept is great. This is the story of the Phoebians after their own planet is destroyed, some of them find their way to Earth, and this story captures the saga how the aliens amalgamated their life with ancient man. Some with disastrous results!! But since newer evidences are popping up in different parts of the world that we do not know the complete truth. Maybe one day, the pieces can be joined together!!

I downloaded the book from Kindle Unlimited on the request of the author, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating: 3.5 stars

About the Author

I wrote my first book when I was in the fifth grade. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that the interest again struck me, beginning the laborious task of hashing out a novel and several short stories on an antiquated typewriter. I then took a break from it all and at the age of 54, I returned to my writing, picking up exactly where I had left off – though this time with a computer!

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Book blurb

Have you ever wondered why geologists can never explain the great pyramids, or paleontologists the ascent of ancient ape-species? Did you know the great flood not only destroyed near all the humans upon the Earth but also the Cro-Magnon species as well? And that several of the world’s ancient cities were built long before any humans ever lived in them.

Experience world history like you never have before. Discover an alternate version as seen through the eyes of an extraterrestrial, an entity that has existed some 40,000 years already and holds the key to mankind’s fate. Discover Before it Began.

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Publication date: 10th October 2018

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18 thoughts on “Book Review – Before It Began by Thomas Zman

  1. Well, I definitely love the idea of this one!! Aliens on earth? Linking existence?? Sounds like Nicole to me!…. The only thing that I would worry about is the formal writing style… I find that too formal makes me scratch my head or start to yawn…. But, I’m defintitely intruiged!! 🍻😊

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