Book Review – Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor by Faith Bleasdale

My review

I picked up this book due to the cute cover and blurb which caught my eye with the secrets hidden in it. My first book by Faith Bleasdale, and the book made a fairly enjoyable read.

The story goes thus, Gemma is hired to convert Meadowbrook Manor into a hotel. Gemma not only has to work at converting the Manor, she also has to win the hearts of the Singer family.

My first book by Faith, and the story is written in a fluid manner. The characters are eclectic. Gemma starts as a painfully shy woman who soon grows into herself, both in her poise and confidence. Gemma has seen her share of problems so it is nice to see her get her share of happiness. She blossoms over the pages!!

The book on the whole reads well, is enjoyable but is slow at certain points for me and there are a lot of characters to keep track of. But it still works as a light fleeting read which makes the heart happy.

I read this book in between my thrillers, hence enjoyed it well!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Avon, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Faith lives in North Devon, a single mum. She grew up in North Devon, studied History in Bristol, then moved to London – spending some time living in Singapore. Returning to North Devon when her child was born and now lives an idyllic countryside and beach life – normally in the rain.

Book blurb

When Gemma Matthews is hired to transform Meadowbrook Manor into a boutique hotel, she can’t believe her luck.

She packs her bags and moves to Meadowbrook to start her dream job, but her life is quickly turned upside down. From dealing with the petty squabbles of the dramatic Singer
siblings to cleaning up donkey poo, Gemma soon realises she has her work cut out for her. Neverthless, she’s
determined to make the hotel a success, especially when she starts falling for the dangerously attractive Freddie Singer.

But Gemma has a secret she’s desperate to protect, and she knows the truth could jeopardise everything…

Product Details

Publication date : 20th August, 2018

Publisher :

22 thoughts on “Book Review – Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor by Faith Bleasdale

  1. This sounds like an enjoyable read. I understand what you mean by needing a break in between thrillers. I’ve discovered if I read too much of one genre (especially intense reads), then I need a slow breather (or even a different author) just to calm the emotion overload. LOL. 🙂 Another nice review from my favorite reviewer! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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