Book Review – The Secrets We Keep by Kate Hewitt

My review

Secrets, secrets, don’t tell anyone

Live the life, pretend the fun

Keep them covered, keep them hidden

They can be one, they can be ten

Pretend they don’t bother

They will come out, one way or the other

Secrets, secrets don’t tell anyone

Live the life, pretend the fun…

And this was exactly what happened with Rebecca and Tessa. Summer vacation for three months, cottage rented by the lake, friendship blossomed, some true, some false, some as a crutch, some pretense.

This book by Kate Hewitt showed the human psyche where a movement could trigger memories and sometimes an event could erase memories. A beautiful heartwarming story where the secrets hidden led to drastic results.

I felt bad for both Rebecca who drank to forget and Tessa who wanted to make memories yet forgot important ones. Both the women had their own stories and both were linked as the summer progressed.

They were neighbors who had come to spend the summer by the lake, became friends, started over depending, soon leading to consequences. I liked how Kate showed me this by slowly developing the women’s characters with their ever puzzled, enigmatic husbands.

The only thing that niggled me was that I wanted the women to be proactive, but that was just transference. (transferring my personality on to them)

The book worked well as it presented the emotional side of the secrets we hold so dear, it dealt with certain tough topics. And the story taught me to make as many memories as I can in the present time.

A quote from the book when secrets brought life threatening effects

“We are all going to move past this. By staring this on the face, by looking into our weaknesses and failures and finding the strength to admit when we were wrong, and then to change.”

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 5 stars

About the Author

Book blurb

When Tessa arrives at the little house by the lake with her two children, it is an escape. The rental house may be a bit small – but it’s theirs for the summer. A place to hide…

However, their isolation is disrupted by the family from the big house next door. Three children and their glamorous mother Rebecca – who seems determined to invite Tessa into their lives.

Rebecca, however, is harbouring a dark secret. And when it becomes too much for her to bear, Tessa seems to be the only person she can turn to.

But as powerful bonds form between the two families, choices will be made that can never be undone. And as the summer comes to an end, nothing can keep everyone safe. And one family will pay the ultimate price…

Product Details

Publication date : 6th September, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

48 thoughts on “Book Review – The Secrets We Keep by Kate Hewitt

  1. Wonderful review Shalini. Secrets and memories, two things that can be positive but also cause issues. I want to find out more about these women. Hopefully, I will be able to read this one between my Christmas stories.

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  2. Great review! It keep seeing this, and it’s been on my TBR since the very first review I read for it lol, I think I should really bump it up! Oh, and why did you change your image symbol that pops up in the notifications BTW, you don’t want us to see your pretty, YOUNG, face no more?

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    1. Hahaha… I changed it to the name on all social media… Didi on twitter, men send me dirty messages. With my head pounding I just want to use expletives on them. Hence decided to be neutral… Besides to you I am always 24 and you are 18 to me… Yayy…
      Psst I really thought you are a very very young adult..
      I have a question – I am not an author, I spent years being a doc, but I want to know if I could be an author, just to see what I am… So when I am free, could I participate in your scene writing? Just to see if I have a creative side… It is for authors as per your post… Just would like to do one… With your permission

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      1. Yes,yes,yes! Please by all means do. Based on your blog, I’ll bet you’d be an AMAZING author! Besides that, you’ve already built such an impressive platform for potential readership. Your work would unboutably skyrocket! I’m really quite excited to see what you come up with😍🤩

        I get nasty messages on Instagram, from dirty humans too. Isn’t it frustrating? I mean, really people, can we not be decent respectable people? 😒🤤😖🤮

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      2. My problem is when I sit to write, I look at the comp, it looks at me, it sleeps after 10 minutes as per setting, then I sleep off… So writing is not when I want. But I want to check if my creative side of brain gets triggered by the pic you have, along with theme… I am discovering me… And I like having a conversation with you. So it might just trigger my creative gene… Shh I am channelling creativity 😘😘😉😂

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      3. I hate the nasty ‘insta-love’ messages from gross men.. Why are they always in the army divorced with a kid on twitter.. I have four of them following me… Eeeks.
        On insta, I had 18 year old talking sex stuff eeeekkkkkkkksssssss…. Why o why??!!

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      4. I hate IG for this very reason! Drives me insane. I have to decline and delete message requests every day. I think I figured out all of those things tho.. hear me out!
        They say army = They’re actually out of shape, but are deserate to sound hot to strangers.
        They say kid = They’re trying to sound ‘normal’ and ‘compassionate’ to strangers.
        They say devorced = They’re really married, obviously lol

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