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Book Review – In the Shadow of the House of God by Jeffrey G. Roberts

The book started with a bang with a conversation between God and Satan regarding religion and humanity. They place a wager; 4 people would be brought from the different corners of the Earth and made to spend time together in a place of God’s creation. Devil supposed they would kill each other, God believed in their innate goodness. And so began the game of chess….

This book by Jeffrey Roberts had me excited at the prospect of such a wager. The conversations between God and Satan were fabulous. I was laughing at their attacks and counter-attacks. There was a strange and opposite camaraderie between them. I liked how God found loopholes in this wager to prevent his children from killing each other and then Satan found other means to tempt humans.

Their to and fro moves in this game of chess had me turning the pages to get to the ending. I liked how the author has shown the backstory of the characters, their lives from whence they came.

The book veered away from the main plot in some sections to show other humans and religions, and that made me lose interest in it. It is the second half of the story which niggled me in its castaway drift.

The bottomline of the story was great, that all religions were one, basically we were really nothing in our basic forms but HUMANS, humanity is the only religion in all our practices.

I downloaded a digital copy of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart.

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I was born in New York City, and am a graduate of Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona. I have had short stories published in most genres, and have three novels on Amazon – “The Healer”, “Cherries in Winter”, and the one I’m seeking a review for, “In the Shadow of the House of God”. I currently reside in Tucson, Arizona.

One member of every religion on Earth is placed into a vast structure located beyond the reaches of the human mind. Why? The answer is simple. God has accepted a challenge from Satan who commands that the humans will keep killing each other in God’s name until only one is left alive, which is against God’s law.

What were the stakes?

Paradise on Earth, once lost with the fall of the great Garden of Eden? Or Hell on Earth with the demise of human life as we know it, and demons running free from the pits of the lake of fire?

In this cosmic setting, pawns are falling as the moves are made to end all of creation. Which move will take the last piece from the board?

Publication date: 24th March 2018

Publisher: Burning Willow Press, LLC


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Barnes & Noble

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