Book Review – At the Heart of Christmas by Jill Monroe

I am not the one who celebrates Christmas, but there is something about these Christmassy reads that fill the empty place in my heart that I didn’t know I had. This book by Jill Monroe was one such cute one which had love, secrets, happiness, warmth, betrayal, hope, and most important of all — forgiveness

Quinn and Nolan’s journey towards reaching their goal and finding love. Quinn wanted to restart her forefatherscompany of making Christmas ornaments, and Nolan, the glass artist, had just survived a bad fire which destroyed his house and work. Both came together to restart the company, but one of them had a secret.

Jill Monroe was brilliant in weaving warmth in her words. There was joy in every action of Quinn to celebrate Christmas, it made me long to celebrate with her. Quinn was passionate, bold, with so many dreams in her heart. I loved the excitement in her voice. Nolan took time to open up and it was nice to see him falling in love with her in every page.

The story was formulaic as in every love story, but Jill’s writing brought in the magic of Christmas and made me count the days. Romance, secrets, betrayal, forgiveness made the rest of the story but what touched my heart was Quinn’s family. They were loud, boisterous, but their heart was so big that even I was pulled in.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Hallmark Publishing, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart.

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Jill Monroe is the international bestselling author of over fifteen novels and novellas. Her books are available across the globe and one has been adapted for the small screen. When not writing, Jill makes her home in Oklahoma with her husband, enjoys daily walks with her dog Zoey, texting with her two daughters who are away at college and collecting fabric for items she’ll sew poorly.

Quinn has inherited the farm and workshop that once housed the famous Hardwick Ornament Company. She invests everything in reopening her family’s business and hires glass artist Nolan Vesser, whose family used to design ornaments for hers, to work his creative magic.

After an accident burned Nolan’s studio to the ground, he thought he’d lost everything. But when he looked in his safety deposit box for his renter’s insurance, he came across an overlooked piece of paper that changed everything.

As Nolan spends time with Quinn, she sparks his artistic inspiration. But when she learns about his secret, can their new romance survive?

Publication Date: 6th November 2018

Publisher: Hallmark Publishing

43 thoughts on “Book Review – At the Heart of Christmas by Jill Monroe

    1. Hehehe… I just searched for your Mistletoe books on kindle unlimited as my credit card is a bit wonky(read as maxed) hehehe but no luck. But I found a cute cozy Christmas mystery and I am quite enjoying the murder mystery 😍😂😂


    1. Aaah Gin… Perfectly said… I want 2 more books which make me feel that. You do know my last Christmas read made me want to bop him one. Aaah no violent thoughts…. Got to get to warm thoughts😂😂


      1. Hahaha… They should but ideally I am doing romance or cozy… I have posts for all days but 3…and one of them is the 25th where I have nothing… Blank….only a merry Christmas pic… 😂 😂


  1. Ahh, my fiancee is a glass artist. I personally know what kind of work they do and what beautiful things they produce. He does, in fact, make ornaments by order. They’re so beautiful. This sounds like a great story. Great review.

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