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Merry Christmas & Book Review – Mistletoe Murder by Karen Mac Inerney

Merry Christmas to one and all, from my heart to yours!!!

My requirement for Christmas Read, fast read, cozy mystery or romance, magic or hygge. And this book fit the bill perfectly. This was one of the cute murder mystery books found during a casual walk in the aisles of Amazon. This was Book 4 in the series, yet the book adopted me and engulfed me with its inner warmth and cosiness and colorful characters.

Lucy, an ex-investigative reporter, lives a full life in Buttercup village selling her soaps and candles, enjoying a new love Tobias, and a knitting club who meet everyday – WOW!!

When Randy Stone is found knifed in the parking lot…

My first book by Karen Mac Inerney saw me gently enveloped in the soothing country life with Lucy and friends, full of goodwill and cheer. Lucy embarks on an investigative journey, but soon finds herself with the barrel of a gun trained on her.

The book had a pet dog, farm animals, cows and chickens, market stall, local eatery, with homemade fudge and knitted sweaters, but don’t get swayed by all this cuteness… It had an underbelly of crime with train robber, missing paintings, useless sheriff who shoots himself, 1 old murder, 1 new murder, extra marital affairs, an unexplained pregnancy, psychic friends, and bones burried under the courthouse.

Karen’s writing made all this so entertaining that I couldn’t help but want more of it. A cute fast read at 200+pages, it kept quite engrossed from start to finish. And yes, I was more enchanted by the homemade soaps, candles, and fudge that I quite forgot to play the detective!!

I downloaded the digital copy of this book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Karen is the housework-impaired author of multiple mystery series, and her victims number well into the double digits. She lives in Austin, Texas with two sassy children, her husband, and a menagerie of animals, including twenty-three fish, two rabbits, and a rescue dog named Little Bit. When she’s not chauffeuring children or coming up with creative ways to kill people, you can usually find Karen hiding away with a book, dodging laundry, playing in the kitchen, or attending martial arts classes. She also teaches writing classes.

It’s Christmastime, and farmer Lucy Resnick is living the life she’s always dreamed of. When she’s not selling her jams, soaps, and mistletoe bundles at the Buttercup Christmas Market, she’s enjoying cozy evenings by the fire with her knitting group–or her handsome veterinarian boyfriend Tobias Brandt. But less than a week before Christmas, a pall falls over the festive atmosphere when local man Randy Stone turns up with a knife in his back… and a sprig of mistletoe in his hair.

Lucy soon discovers that Randy’s life was more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights… and that unless she wraps up the case fast, there might be more than one funeral this holiday season.

Publication Date: 11th December 2017

Publisher: Gray Whale Press

27 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Book Review – Mistletoe Murder by Karen Mac Inerney Leave a comment

  1. What a wonderful review to share on Christmas! This looks like a book I would thoroughly enjoy. Since you don’t celebrate Christmas there in India, what are some of your holidays and traditions? (This is coming from a clueless American who is curious about other parts of the world and eager to learn more. :-)) Thanks for sharing, Shalini. Hope the rest of your day is cheerful and bright. πŸ™‚

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    • All our major festivals generally come between August to November… We follow the hindu calendar based on position of planets and the moon…. There are festivals every month depending on different parts of India so there is a public holiday practically every month…
      Merry Christmas my darlin LeslieπŸ€Άβ˜ƒοΈπŸŽ„πŸ’ž


    • Hahaha no… I am doing Christmas Reads on my blog for a week or so and I needed Christmassy books… I didn’t have any, so I went searching on Amazon, and this seemed like a fast cute read… Hence the review… Hehehehe
      I am still lacking by a book.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

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