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Book Review – Deadmarsh Fey

This was an atmospheric read, the entire book had a dark Gothic feel to it. I loved the cover which caused a slight shudder to course through me.

The protagonist, a 11-year-old Roger Knightley is the one leading the story and using his knowledge and intelligence to save his family especially his cousin Lockie. A war between magical creatures, he was ably helped by cousin Travers and valet Bellows. A curse which comes alive when heir to Deadmarsh turns 11 was the basic plot putting into play the theme of good vs evil, a mist which seems alive and blankets the moors leading right up to a dank and shadowy Deadmarsh, and a cat named Kip who has a major role to play.

Melika’s writing made me feel as if she was leading me down some shadowy lanes, where I knew danger resided, but I still couldn’t help but follow helplessly. Her immense talent in writing the different characters and connecting each one to the plot was nothing short of amazing. The plot had its own twists, and yet it niggled me.

At 674 pages, it was a long read for me and took me months to complete; the prose was descriptive and made for a slow read, but I have to agree it did create an aura of horror. And the characters were aplenty, and that felt too confusing. I don’t like books which make me concentrate too much.

Overall, the book was meant to be enjoyed in its totality for descriptions, atmosphere, and a timeless feel of an old long-forgotten dark tale. Recommended for readers who enjoy immersing themselves into the entire feel of the book.

I received a digital copy of the book from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Deadmarsh. The name struck terror into the hearts of all who heard it. But to Roger Knightley, neither Deadmarsh the house, nor Deadmarsh the family, had ever been anything to fear.

But when Roger arrives, he finds everything, and everyone, changed. The grounds are unkempt, the servants long gone. Kip, the family cat, has inexplicably grown and glares at Roger as if he is trying to read the boy’s mind. Roger’s eldest cousin, Travers, always treated as a servant, now dresses like a duchess and wears round her neck a strange moonstone given to her by someone known as Master Coffyn, who has taken over the teaching of Lockie at a school in Wales called Nethermarrow.

And soon after he crosses the threshold of Deadmarsh, Roger discovers that Coffyn has overtaken Lockie. The boy is deceitful, riddled with fear, and has returned bearing tales of creatures called Jagged Ones that claim to be of the Fey and can somehow conceal themselves while standing in the full light of the moon.

Roger seeks to unravel the tapestry of lies woven round his family’s connection to the death-haunted world of Everl’aria—and the Dark Wreaker who calls it home.

Racing against time, Roger must find a way to end the battle being waged across worlds before the night of Lockie’s eleventh birthday—two days hence. If he fails, blood will drown the earth. And Roger and his entire family will fulfill the prophecy of fey’s older, more lethal meaning…
Fated to die.

Publication Date: 2nd May 2018

Publisher: Books In My Belfry

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  1. As I read your review, I found myself thinking: I like this because it immediately tells me what you liked about the book and why, and where you had difficulty (concentrating on too many characters). Thanks for reminding me that the best reviews are accessible and unpretentious, and help the reader to make a decision about reading the book. In my case, I have a head injury and would find it very difficult to deal with a thick book that has many characters.

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    • I am so happy that you liked my review… Head injuries are tricky, please take care of yourself. I understand.. I too don’t like long reads multiple characters and detailed descriptions.
      Happy 2019 Cynthia💕

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  2. Sound interesting. The cover give me goosebumps. This is the type of books I wish to read but can’t, well at least until someone tells me that it’s not horror. The cover scare me and will surely make me back off a good distance if I see it in a store’s bookshelf.

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  3. Good horror scares the hell out of me too. The irony part of it is that once I start I can’t stop. I’ll watch the movie between my fingers covering my eyes and I can’t function properly until read the rest of the story. My solution: stay away from anything horror 😂

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