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Book Review – The Sisters’ Secrets: Rose by Katlyn Duncan @katlyn_duncan #BookBlogger #AmReading

This was one of my most different but wonderful reads. The book was a cacophony of different voices luring me on even when the book was from Rose’s POV. There was a hidden song which was being played in the entire book; a lost melody of hidden secrets and past life.

The book was the beginning of a series, an appetizer for things to come. Rose led a normal life, working in her friend’s restaurant, visiting her mother who had dementia in the nursing care, making googly eyes at the new cop Shane, and having a love-hate relationship with her sister Rene. Till a young girl with long black hair jumped off the pier, and Rose was the only witness…

My first book by Katlyn Duncan, it certainly won’t be my last. Her words resonated deep within me where my imagination resided. A book which appeared to be a bundle of family secrets soon turned out to be something which pushed the realms of this known world. Katlyn’s hints of possibilities in the story brought out a hidden nugget of magic in me.

And then came my teeny tiny niggle, the book wasn’t a complete story and did end with a cliffhanger. So now I gotta wait for book 2, and I hate waiting. I want all the 3 books right now to immerse in the complete story.

This book was a siren’s song which pulled me into the depths into the sea of the story, but being book 1, I just coursed its surface. An enjoyable read.

I received a digital copy of the book from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Like everyone raised in the idyllic seaside town of The Burrow, the ocean played a large role in Rose Barros’ life. She lived her life to the rhythm of the tides until a near-death experience changed her love for the water to a soul-deep terror, driving a wedge between herself and her sister, Reen.

Now, the only thing threatening to drown Rose is a mountain of bills and the burden of caring for her mother. She needs her sister more than ever, but rebellious Reen has skipped town and shows no interest in returning.

But that all changes when two strangers arrive in the quiet seaside town and turn her life upside-down… The first, a girl who leaps from the pier before Rose’s eyes; the second, the handsome new Chief of Police who doesn’t take kindly to Rose interfering in his investigation of the girl’s disappearance.

As they dig into the girl’s past, secrets are revealed, including a connection to Rose herself. Can Rose face her deepest fears, or will the truth lead her into deeper waters than she can handle?

Publication Date: 10th October 2018

Publisher: HQ Digital

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  1. It’s why I liked the Ahriman Omnibus so much. The author bundled it together so all the short stories and novels were in one location and it read like one continuous story. I also have just started to wait until at least three books in a series are out since most authors break their stories down into arcs of three books.

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  2. What a wonderful review! I’m glad you liked it and I hope you get your hands on the other books ASAP so you can let us know how they all end up!

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    • Wow😍😍 thank you for your kind words. I really don’t know how these words have come about… I am surprised too. The book triggered these words💕😘


  3. Great review Shalini. I love family stories, especially those with secrets. I know how you feel, I dislike when a story ends in a cliffhanger then the next book doesn’t come out for a year or so.

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