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Book Review – October Kiss by Kristen Ethridge #BookBlogger #AmReading

Temporarily Yours Nanny becomes Permanently Yours Wife

A cute love story, which was originally a Hallmark Channel movie, made its mark on my heart with its warmth. I loved the bubbles of happiness that coursed through me, while reading this book, each popping up to bring in my smile. It was that kinda book.

Kristen Ethridge’s words had me falling in love with the main character Poppy who was etched oh so lovingly in trails of enthusiasm and sensitivity. I adored the way she dealt with kids, the ideal nanny/mother. She knew the right words to say to them. Ryan, on the other hand, was completely a workaholic, making his phone apps, who had lost his way and needed a nudge to make time for his family.

I loved the play of contrasts in both the characters yet they had a deep sense of family in them. Kristen’s writing simply made me happy. Opposites attract and in land of Hallmark, the path of love is almost always smooth and sweet. And so was this book.

A completely warm feel good autumnal romance that had me smiling and sighing…

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Hallmark Publishing, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Kristen Ethridge writes Sweet Escape Romance–stories with hope, heart and happily-ever-after–for Harlequin’s Love Inspired line, Hallmark Publishing, and Laurel Lock Publishing. She’s a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award nominee and both an Amazon Christian Fiction and Inspirational Romance #1 Best-Selling Author.

You can find Kristen in her native habitat–a Texas patio–where she’s likely to be savoring the joy of a crispy taco, along with a glass of iced tea and scents from her essential oil diffuser. She’s almost convinced her family that it’s normal to talk to imaginary people, as long it goes in a book.

Poppy’s tried a lot of things. Yoga instruction. Pizza making. So far, none of them have seemed like her thing. Still, she doesn’t have to know where her life is headed to live it with enthusiasm.

Ever since his wife’s death, Ryan’s thrown himself into his work. Launching a successful new app will secure his children’s future…even if it means he can’t spend much time with them now.

As a short-term nanny for Ryan’s children, Poppy brings some much-needed fun and laughter. She’s never been one to commit, so why is she feeling so attached to these children…and even more, to their dad? Could it be she’s found her place at last?

Publication Date: 1st August 2018

Publisher: Hallmark Publishing

58 thoughts on “Book Review – October Kiss by Kristen Ethridge #BookBlogger #AmReading Leave a comment

  1. ….. Shalini…. And Hallmark?!? WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN MY ABSENCE?!? 😂😂 I’ve never read this book, but I’ve DEFINITELY seen this movie. It was cute. (by, the way… I don’t know if it’s on yours. But, it’s on Netflix here! 😉)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am auto approved for Hallmark Publishing hehehe hence I do my bit as they are the only one who approved them
      You have seen my other reviews on Goodreads… I have read some ‘lovely’ books this year


  2. This is still available on NetGalley so I requested it. Sometimes you just need a feel good break from more mysterious and serious reading. I like books with kids in them so this should fit the bill.

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