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Book Review – The Perfect Picture of Us by Rachelle Paige Campbell

I love me a good love story, and this one pulled my heart strings at the concept of a second chance love. Leo and Jessica were in law school, in fact study partners for a year, till Jessica disappeared and Leo lost touch.

Years later, Jessica had a lifestyle blog, she was a brand on to herself, yet due to an offhand remark on the blog, she was being sued. And the papers were served to her by none other than Leo. A chance meeting which turned into second chance opportunity for love and relationship.

My first book by Rachelle Paige Campbell, brought with it, a sense of love and connection between the characters. The familial bonds between Leo and his parents were warm and cherished. There was a genuine respect between them. Jessica too had great friends and a huge rock of a support in her brother Chris. I loved their conversations as these characters went about living their daily lives. They was something so anchored about all of them. I loved how the author has shown friendships and family roots. It was simply beautiful.

Leo and Jessica were like the waves on the sea shore, meeting up at times, yet they could not be together. They were, after all, on the opposite sides of the legal war. But love blossomed, and it went beyond the legalities. The epilogue made me smile.

This book was a whole lot of cute and a half. It was cute in its concept, and I was halved by the lack of warmth and the zingy tanginess of between Leo and Jessica. There was a definite connection, just that the story did not delve into its depths.

Fast read, warm characters, lovely familial bonds had me reading this book in 2 hours cuddled under the blanket on my couch. A good love story!!

I received a digital copy of the book from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Chicago lifestyle blogger, Jess Edwards, built a successful brand based on the pursuit of perfection. From throwing a party to decorating a home, every post is magazine spread worthy. Leo Martinelli, the law school study partner she never mustered the nerve to kiss, shows up in the middle of a photo shoot, and she’s thrilled for the reunion—until he serves her with a lawsuit.
Attorney Leo never thought he’d see Jess again, not after she disappeared halfway through the first semester. For the past ten years, he’s measured every woman who’s crossed his path against her. This meeting is his chance to say good-bye and finally move on from his unrequited crush—before relocating overseas.
To salvage her reputation, Jess has no intention of settling. To obtain the future he’s worked hard for, Leo can’t lose.

Publication Date: 17th December 2018

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

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