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Dinosaur or Man – the apex predator – you would think it’s the Dino, it is always the MAN!!

With dinosaurs in the title, I had to read this book. 4 friends Caleb, Ethan, Julie, and Sadie hiked through the mountains till they reached the electrified fence protecting the predators – the once extinct creatures – the dinosaurs. And you guessed it!! The T-Rex wasn’t that happy to see them on her territory. It is a race against her to save their lives.

My first book by Doug Goodman, and at 122 pages, the book was good fun. The four friends bound by a secret had their own reasons to go on this adventure. I initially thought it was a suicide/ adventure mission. Take your pick.

Their race away from the T-Rex was peppered with their memories of their past. Bullying due to a skin condition vitiligo was well weaved in the story. My niggles hit me while reading the past and reasons for the friends to go on this adventure. The reasons for the main characters, the dinosaurs to appear in the present time on these lands wasn’t well explained, and the scenes lacked the tension.

Well, dinosaurs = Jurassic Park = Michael Crichton. Nothing can compare to them!!

The book clicked for me because, come on, it is a dinosaur book. There was an adventure with thrilling moments, the backstory and the past of the 4 friends brought out a shiver down my spine. An fast easy read, this book made my Sunday afternoon.

Man is always the dangerous hunter. He hunts for no reason!!

I downloaded a copy of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Have you read such a book in recent times? Do you think any book dinosaur themed would beat Jurassic Park?


Four friends from high school who never made it big reunite for the bravest, most daring excursion in the world: backpacking Dinosaur Falls National Park. This park, which is strictly off-limits to the public, has been labeled the most dangerous place on earth. The group plans to trek through majestic Triceratops lands and hike among the Hadrosaurs, but they will discover prehistoric terror instead. Unknown to them, they are being tracked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur with a Great White-like devotion to following blood trails. If these four friends are to outlive the day, they will have to run and they will have to hide, but most importantly they are going to have to rise up.

This is a story about standing up.

Publication Date: 29th January 2019

Publisher: Severed Press

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