Book Review – Escape to the Little French Café by Karen Clarke @Bookouture #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

The story goes thus, Natalie moves to a charming village of Chamillon in France post her heartbreak wanting a new life. She sets about writing articles, exploring countryside, connecting with best friend Charlie when suddenly an old crush Jay enters into her life. And love happens… Along with a crisis.

Karen Clarke has etched her characters in a warm gentle way but coated with reality. It is easy to relate to Natalie and her ups and downs in romance. Relationships between characters have been given their space in this book. Romance is cute, but the other friendships are what caught my eye. Charlie is brilliant.

The book reads fast, the story is sweet, romance is heartwarming and filled me with longing, emotions have been conveyed well. The scenes have humor and fun; they are filled with joy. Then comes my niggles, poking me intermittently. The book is slow, took me two tries to get into it. Plot is predictable. But they are minor points as the book moves on.

Overall, a good romantic read which is light and fun with great descriptions of the French seaside

When thirty-one-year-old Natalie Bright’s boyfriend dumps her and immediately gets engaged to his ex-girlfriend, she escapes her heartbreak and moves to the charming village of Chamillon on the Île de Ré.

She’s determined to build a new life there: writing about farmer’s markets for a local magazine, exploring the local vineyards on her bike, and taking advantage of the sunshine. And in the Café Belle Vie she finds a bustling community – including new best friend Charlie – and a near-constant supply of cakes.

All in all, things are looking pretty good.

So when a blast from the past – her teenage crush Jay Merino – suddenly turns up in Chamillon, Natalie’s thrown. She’s sworn off men ever since she moved to France, but she and Jay have a connection that stretches back years.

But could taking a chance on an old flame complete her new life – or ruin everything she’s worked so hard for?

Publication Date: 18th March 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

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