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Book Review – The Summer Retreat by Sheila Roberts @_Sheila_Roberts #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

This was a cute read in some parts, though it was the best buffer between my thrillers. Celeste was cheated on my her cop boyfriend, so she goes away for the summer to her sister’s inn at the town on Moonlight Harbor, helping her out as a maid. There she meets 3 eligible men, and decides which one was more suitable and dates him.

My first read by Sheila Roberts, I liked the book in parts. There are many characters, each are charming. Small towns have their own busybodies and gossips. And it was quite a laugh to get to know them. This was was not just a romantic happily-ever-after kind of a book, but it was about relationships with sister, niece, aunt and her parrot, and a lost dog.

The book had many interesting scenes with Celeste, some like the lost bikini top made me laugh. I didn’t even realize that it was part of a series as the book worked extremely well as a standalone. The only niggle I felt that sometimes the writing felt a bit off, they didn’t seem to work for the characters. The sister kept pushing Celeste toward one man deemed more suitable by her when she kept 2 men dangling. The emotions could have been well brought out. Celeste was a teacher, but some scenes made me feel she was too immature especially while supervising niece’s driving.

Overall, I had fun reading it. It took me 2 hours of this afternoon to get cosy with tea and diet biscuits.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Publisher Harlequin-Mira, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Celeste Jones has plans for a perfect summer with her boyfriend (and hopefully soon-to-be fiancé)—until he dumps her to be with the woman he’s had on the side for months. Heartbroken and furious, Celeste resolves to move on. When the going gets tough, the tough…okay, the not-so-tough go to the beach.

As soon as school lets out for the summer, she waves goodbye to her first-graders, packs up her bikini and heads for Moonlight Harbor, where she knows her big sister, Jenna, will receive her with open arms. Jenna could probably use some help at the Driftwood Inn, and Celeste is happy to do chores around the place in exchange for a relaxing summer escape. She just needs something—or someone—to distract her from her troubles.

Finding The One can be tricky, and Jenna is determined to make sure Celeste gets it right this time around. Not that Jenna’s an expert. She’s still trying to sort out her own love life. But if both sisters listen to their hearts, eventually they’re bound to discover that life—and love—is good at the beach.

Publication Date: 23rd April 2019

Publisher: Harlequin Mira

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