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Book Review – Eternal Soul by Karimah Colden #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

The book started wonderfully with a haunting mystery weaved subtly in the words. Reign was a painter with a successful art gallery, with good friends, blind dates and basically a peaceful life. Till she got the sense of someone watching her. Her father was a great Creole priest, and Reign herself was the descendant of powerful hodoo magick. The story dealt with the transformation of Reign and the acceptance of her powers.

My first book by Karimah Colden, the story was very exciting to begin with, the mystery was palpable, being just under the skin. I knew if I touched it, I would feel it. The book vibrated with the power of the ancients in some parts. The author’s writing was rich with powerful Creole influence. Reign had an aura of an old soul, someone who was a perfect vessel for the gifts the powerful blood of her ancestry wanted to bestow on her.

Then came my niggles… The book did not maintain the same pitch all through, the mystery dampened, romance and attraction took over. Attraction to multiple guys, especially to one who was stalkerish, was not needed in this plot line. I got a sense of repetitiveness in the scenes. The meditation, the chakras, the candles, wanting to have a soak in the tub, the constant anger and escapism, food and dress were constantly described. The visions shown to me as the history of her past felt very disjointed. There were hints of a Curse, yet other than a couple of lines by the great grandmother, nothing really came off it.

The story which started strong where I thought Reign would be a great main character soon frittered away, and I was left desolate and bewildered by the end of it. This was the first book in a series, but I still wanted a complete story to make it worth my time.

I was enraptured by the mystery and the magick, the hodoo and the powerful blood of the ancestors, the hints of power awakened, and all my love is for those parts.

I downloaded a digital version of the book from kindle unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Reign Elise La’ Roche is savvy in business, evasive in love, and private and protective when it comes to her personal life. Born in the flavorful city of New Orleans, she is also the descendant of powerful hoodoo magick, age-old African mysticism and dark family secrets.

This Creole beauty is content living a charmed existence; that is, until a strategic retaliation against her father changes her life forever. Reign is suddenly tossed into a whirlwind of betrayal, magick and the awakening of a whole new world where nothing appears to be in her control.

To protect and preserve her lineage, Reign soon learns that she must embrace the one thing she’d fought years denying…a bloodline of ancient power. And with time, Reign evolves from a successful artist and gallery owner, to a woman of unlimited means and potential with one climactic goal: vengeance.

Publication Date: 16th November 2016

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    • No idea maybe sometimes I think authors like showing literal stuff like what they ate, wore, and did routinely. I don’t need so many of such stuff in my books


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